sexual differentiation

process of gentials forming in womb

secondary sex characteristics

-male-bigger junk then more hair then deep voice then muscles then growth spurt -women- curves then more hair then growth spurt then period

head of penis comparable to female...

clit head

shaft comparable to female...

v or ^ shaped internal structure of clit

foreskin clomparable to female...

clit hood

skin on penis comparable to female...

labia minora

scrotum comparable to female...

labia majora

testicle comparable to female...



the first menstrual period


surgical removal of the uterus


removal of one or both testes


releases of egg

main hormones :

estrogen, testosterone, progesterone


produces hormones and egg and if egg fertilized corpus luteum happens

corpus leteum

A small, yellow structure that forms in the ovary after an egg has been released and makes progesterone to maintain possible pregnancy


muscle lined triangle organ where fertilized egg implants and develops

oviducts / fallopian tubes

site of fertilization and ducts that transport mature eggs from ovary to uterus


sensitive organ that extends inside down sides of vagina and has 18 parts

menstruation cycle phases

follicular phase, ovulation, luteal phase


ending of menstruation that happens because of loss of ovarian follicles and the hormones they produce


2 testes that drop from abdomen when in womb down to scrotumhave seminiferous tubes where sperm is made have Leydig cells that make testosterone


sacks that hold testesthey contract and expand to control how far from body they are (tiny when cold)

seminiferous tubes

in testes and is where sperm is produced


next to testes where sperm is matured/stored until ejaculation

ejaculatory ducts

formed by the joining of vas deferens with ducts from seminal vesicles each one empties into urethra

seminal vesicles

2 glands that make basic fluid which neutralizes vaginal acidityalso has nutrients for sperm

cowper's glands

2 glands that make basic fluid (precum) that lubes and neutralizes pee inside urethra for better passage for sperm

prostate gland

organ wrapped around urethra giving muscular contractions that propels semen out and stops pee flowalso makes fluid in cum that has enzymes and zinc that help sperm movement

vas deferens

tube that carries sperm from the epididymis to the urethra

erogenous zones

sensitive areas of skin that are connected to somatosensory cortex by nerves system

somatosensory cortex (SC)

processes sensory info from skin