Questions for Discussion and Review: "Tissues" and "Body Membranes

(1) What is the basic unit of tissue


(2) What are tissue

(2) collection of similar cells that carry out specific functions

(3) What are the five main kind of tissues ?

(3) (1) Epithelial tissue (2) Connective Tissue (3) Muscle Tissue (4) Nervous Tissue (5) Liquid Tissue

(4) Where is the epithelial tissue found?

(4) Epithelial tissue covers the body and inner linings of the body

(5) What are different shapes of epithelial tissue ?

(5) (1) Squamous (flat and scale like (2) Transitional (oval shaped that expand and contract) (3) Cuboidal (cubed shaped) (4) Columnar (higher than they are wide)

(6) What are different arrangements of Epithelial Cells ?

(6) (1) simple ( a single layer of cells of the same shape and size (2) Stratified ( many layers of cells of the same shape and size

(7) What is a Simple Squamous Epithelium ?

(7) Simple Squamous Epithelium Consists of a single layer of very thin cells

(8) What is a stratified squamous epithelium ?

(8) squamous epithelium Consist of several layers closely packed flat cells

(9) What is a simple cuboidal epithelium ?

(9) simple cuboidal epithelium consists of a single layer of cubed shaped cells

(10) What is a simple columnar epithelium ?

(10) simple columnar epithelium consist of a single layer of column shaped cells

(11) What is the function of simple cuboidal epithelium ?

(11) simple cuboidal epithelium is responsible for the formation of specialized structures known as glands

(12) What is a gland

(12) a gland is a specialized structure that secretes substances both outside and inside of the body

(13) Describe an Exocrine Gland ?

(13) Exocrine Gland secretions go out to of the body

(14) Describe an Endocrine Gland ?

(14) Endocrine Gland secretions stay inside the body

(15) What is the most abundant and widely distributed tissue in the body ?

(15) Connective Tissue

(16) What is Matrix?

(16) Matrix is intercellular material found between its cells

(17) What are the six major types of connective tissue

(17) (1) Aerolar Connective tissue (Loose Connective Tissue) (2) Adipose (or Fat Tissue) (3) Fibrous Connective Tissue ( Bindles of strong white collagen fibers (4) Bone (5) Cartilage (6) Hematopoietic Tissue's

(18) What is Aerolar Connective Tissue ?

(18) Aerolar Connective tissue (Loose Connective Tissue)

(19) What is Adipose Tissue ?

(19) (Adipose (or Fat Tissue) —STORES LIPIDS

(20) What is Fibrous Connective Tissue ?

(20) Fibrous Connective Tissue ( Bundles of strong white collagen fibers)

(21) Name two examples of fibrous connective tissue and describe each

(21) two examples of fibrous connective tissue — (1) Tendons- connect muscle to the bone (2) Ligaments- connect bone to bone

(22) What is bone ?

(22) bone Contains salt mineral, calcium phosphate and calcium carbonate

(23) What is a cartilage ?

(23) cartilage Firm plastic like tissue

(24) Name the three types of cartilage and describe each

(24) three types of cartilage (1) Hyaline Cartilage -Translucent Matrix (2) Fibrocartilage - dense fibrous connective tissue mixed w/ cartilage (3) Elastic Cartilage - Most resilient (tough) cartilage i.e. (ear)

(25) What is hematopoietic tissue ?

(25) hematopoietic tissue -(Bone Marrow) Blood forming tissue

(26) Name the three different types of muscle tissue and describe each

(26) (1) Skeletal Muscle- Voluntary/Striated attached to the bones (2) CARDIAC MUSCLE TISSUE- Involuntary/Striated forms the walls of the heart. (3) SMOOTH MUSCLE TISSUE- Involuntary/NonStriated at the walls of blood vessels , hollow organs, intestines and other tubed shaped structures

(27) Name the two different type of nerve cells and describe their functions

(27) (1)NEURONS the functional or conducting units of the system (2) NEUROGLIA Special connecting supporting cells

(28) What are two types of Neuron processes and their functions

(28) (1)AXON, transmits a nerve impulse away from the body (2) DENDRITES which carry impulses toward the cell body

(29) What are two examples of liquid tissue and describe each ?

(29) (1) BLOOD fluid tissue that body cells get their nutrients and wast products are removed (considered a type of connective tissue (2) LYMPH derived from blood and tissue fluid and collected in the lymphatic vessels along with metabolic waste and toxins

(30) What is a membrane ?

(30) MEMBRANE thin sheet like structure

(31) What are two main types of body membranes?

(31) two main types of body membranes (1) EPITHELIAL MEMBRANES (2) CONNECTIVE TISSUE MEMBRANES

(32) What are the three types of Epithelial Membranes


(33) What is a cutaneous membrane ?

(33) cutaneous membrane (SKIN)

(34) What is Serous Membrane ?


(35) Describe three examples of serous membrane ?

(35) (1) Pleura surrounds the lungs (2) Pericardium around the heart (3) Peritoneum lines the abdominal cavity

(36) What is a mucous membrane ?

(36) mucous membrane thins sticky substance that acts as a protectant and lubricant in the digestive and upper respiratory

(37) What are the two types of connective tissue membranes ?


(38) Describe the three examples of SKELETAL MEMBRANES

(38) (1) PERIOSTEUM membrane covering bone (2) PERICHONDRIUM membrane covering cartilage (3) SYNOVIAL MEMBRANE covers joint cavities