ohio temps test 2021

it is illegal to drive with an alcohol blood concentration of...


this sign is used to...

stop vehicles from entering a roadway

broke or dashed lines allow what to happen?

it allows passing between lanes.

Yellow lines separate:

Traffic moving in opposite directions

when "RR" is painted on a road, what does that mean?

it means you are approaching a railroad crossing

when should you use low-beam headlights?

When you are close behind a vehicle or a vehicle is approaching you.

Children under ___ years old and/or weigh under ___lbs. must be put in a child seat.

4 : 40

in a road in ohio, you may _____________ after stopping at a red light. you must be in the right-side lane.

turn right

this sign means what?

vehicles from any direction can make left turns.

if your vehicle stuck on railroad tracks when a train is approaching, what should you do?

Get everyone out of the car

if you cant see things clearly that are _______ feet infront of you, turn on your headlights.


on divided roads, solid yellow lines are used for what?

left-edge lines

on divided roads, solid white lines are used for what?

right-edge lines.

When another vehicle is passing you:

maintain a constant speed and keep right. stay in that same lane.

a school bus is stopped and has flashing red lights showing. what should approaching vehicles do?

they should stop completely regardless of the directon they are coming from.

what shouldn't you do when driving in fog? A: drive with the window open so you can hear cars coming B: use your high-beam headlights C: slow down D: leave more space between your car and the car you are following.

B: use high-beam headlights

while joining the expressway you get to the end of the on-ramp, what speed should you travel at?

the closest speed possible to traffic

What does this sign mean?

divided highway begins

what does this sign mean?

divided highway ends

This orange-colored triangular sign represents:

a slow-moving vehicle ahead

if you want to make a turn, you must signal at least _____ before you turn.

100 feet

This sign indicates:

school zone ahead

What does this sign mean?

left turns are prohibited

this is the allowed speed limit in alleys.

15 mph

true or false? this sign means pedestrians may enter the crosswalk.


True or False? on a one-way street,you should park your vehicle within 12 inches of the curb.