nutrition test - chapter 4

Complex carbohydrates are also known as


Which fiber type increases fecal bulk and decreases intestinal transit time?

Insoluble (nonfermentable) fiber

Which polysaccharide is a digestible, branched-chain type of starch composed of glucose units?


Fiber is a type of


Which of the following are benefits of including some insoluble fiber in the diet?

Reduces constipationReduces transit time of feces

Which of the following are examples of polysaccharides?


Which macronutrients provide 4 kilocalories per gram?


Which description best describes a starch?

A carbohydrate made of multiple units of glucose attached together in a form the body can digest

Citrus fruits, apples, bananas, oat and rice bran, barley, peas, and beans are major food sources of ______ fiber.


Differentiate between the following types of digestible starch:

amylopectin-> highly branched chain of glucose unitsamylose-> straight chain of glucose units

True or false: Both fiber and starch are types of polysaccharides.


Which macronutrient provides 9 kilocalories per gram?


What is a digestible straight-chain type of starch composed of glucose units called?


Select all of the following that are nutritive sweeteners.

SorbitolSucroseHigh-fructose corn syrup

Anna's blood test showed that her fasting blood sugar was 150 mg/dl. According to these results, she is


Vegetables, beans, breads, pasta, and rice are common food sources of


True or false: The liver and muscles are the major storage sites for glycogen.True false question.


Which of the following are subgroups of vegetables, according to MyPlate?

Beans and peasRed and orange vegetablesStarchy vegetablesDark green vegetables

Name the long, straight-chain type of starch that makes up about 20% of digestible starch.Multiple choice question.


The monosaccharides and the disaccharides are designated as _____ because they provide calories.

nutritive sweeteners

What is the technical term for high blood sugar?


Which of the following are major storage sites for glycogen?

Liver and muscle

True or false: Vegetables must be consumed raw to enjoy their nutrient benefits.


_____is a condition in which significant symptoms, such as abdominal gas and bloating, appear after ingestion of foods containing lactose.

lactose intolerance

When is glucose most likely used to produce fat?

When overall calorie needs are exceeded.

If a person consumes a large amount of fiber without adequate fluid, which of the following may happen?

Blockages in the intestine

Soluble fiber ______ the absorption of cholesterol and cholesterol-rich bile acids into the blood.


What is the adequate intake level for fiber in adult women?Multiple choice question.

25 grams

What is the primary function of carbohydrates in the body?

To provide energy for the body

What is the major monosaccharide in the body?


True or false: When dietary consumption of carbohydrates exceeds the amount needed for energy and glycogen storage, the excess carbohydrates will be stored as fat.


Is milk a natural source of sucrose?


Carbohydrates containing many glucose units, from 1000 or more are called _____.


The advantage of the branched structure of ______ is that it allows multiple enzymes to attach to its structure and break it apart quickly.