Physics honors midterm hses

10 ^3

Which list of metric prefixes is in order from smallest to greatest?

femto, nano, centi, mega, tera

Which list includes only units of the U.S. customary system?

ounces, inches, and seconds

What describes the "average speed" of a trip by car

the distance traveled divided by how long it took

How are speed and velocity related?

Velocity specifies both the speed and the direction of a moving object.

A ball thrown vertically upward, at the top of its path (just before it starts to fall) has which of the following?

an instantaneous speed of zero

The work that a force does by acting on an object is equal to what?

the product of force (in the direction of motion) and distance and is positive if the force and motion are in the same direction

When a force acts on an object from an angle other than either 0° or 180° to the direction of motion

The parallel vector component of the force does work but the perpendicular one does not

What is kinetic energy?

the energy an object has because of its motion

As a falling object's gravitational potential energy decreases, what happens?

Its kinetic energy increases.

If you travel north for a mile and then south for a mile, what is true about your average speed?

It will be a lot greater than the magnitude of your average velocity.

Which of these is an accurate statement of Newton's first law?

In the absence of an unbalanced force, the velocity of an object remains constant.

What results when the net force on an object increases?

Proportionally increased acceleration.

When a force acts on an object from an angle other than either 0° or 180° to the direction of motion:

The parallel vector component of the force does work but the perpendicular one does not.

If the mother in this photo weighs four times as much as the child, where should she sit to keep the seesaw level if the child is seated at the far right hand side?

one fourth of the distance from the pivot to the left end of the seesaw

If a net external force acts on a system, what will change?

the sum of the momenta of all objects in the system

If the net force applied to an object is zero, what can be said about the net torque?

It can sometimes be zero.

If the pole-vaulter were to land on concrete rather than on a cushion, the impulse that stops the fall would be what?

the same because impulse is the change in momentum of the object

Which of these procedures evaluates the effect of two waves meeting?

Add the displacements at each point of the two individual waves.

What do we call the effect of an increase in the amplitude when a periodic force is applied to a system at its natural frequency?


What does the spring constant k measure?

how much force it takes the string to stretch a given distance

What is wavelength?

the distance between identical positions on adjacent wave pulses

What is the decibel scale?

logarithmic by tens: Ten decibels is ten times one decibel; twenty decibels is one hundred times ten decibels.

Suppose you're on a hot air balloon ride, carrying a buzzer that emits a sound of frequency f. If you accidentally drop the buzzer over the side while the balloon is rising at constant speed, what can you conclude about the sound you hear as the buzzer falls toward the ground?

the frequency decreases and the intensity decreases

A source of sound remains stationary relative to the person in this figure. If the sound source remained stationary but the person moved toward the source, how would the frequency heard by the person change?

The frequency would be higher.

In a rollercoaster, provided losses of thermal energy because of friction can be neglected, which of the following is true?

The kinetic energy decreases as the car moves to the top of the slope.

What is the definition of density?

the amount of mass in a standard unit of volume

What can be said about the buoyant force on an object?

It is equal to the weight of fluid that the object displaces.

When an object is hanging on the end of a vertical spring and oscillating up and down, which of these is a period?

the time the object takes to travel from the highest point to the lowest and back to the highest

When an object is hanging on the end of a vertical spring, what is the amplitude of the oscillating up-and-down motion?

the distance the object travels from its equilibrium point to either its lowest point or highest point

Which of the following statements is true about any collision between two objects with no net applied force acting?

Momentum is always conserved and kinetic energy is sometimes conserved.

A car and a large truck traveling at the same speed collide head-on and stick together. Which vehicle experiences the larger change in the magnitude of its momentum?

the change in magnitude of momentum is the same for both

log 10 =


10 ^ -2


What is the electric potential at a given point in space, in terms of the work done to bring a small positive test charge from a reference location where the potential is taken to be zero?

It is the work done to bring the test charge to the point, divided by its charge, expressed in volts.

How does the force between two otherwise unchanged electrical charges vary with distance?

The force decreases by the square of the distance.

Which is always true of an uncharged object?

It has equal amounts of positive and negative charge

When two or more resistors are connected in series, the equivalent resistance is always

greater than any individual resistance

When two or more resistors are connected in parallel, the equivalent resistance is always

less than

What is an inverse-square relationship between force and distance?

a relationship where the increasing the distance by a factor decreases the force by dividing it by the square of that same factor

what is an electric current

a continuous flow of charge

What happens if you connect two identical bulbs to one battery in a series circuit instead of connecting the bulbs in parallel?

each bulb is dimmer in series than in parallel

Which is a key difference between electric charges and magnetic poles?

Electric charges can be separated while magnetic poles always occur together as opposite poles of equal strength.

What is true of the magnetic force on a charged particle?

It is always perpendicular to the particle's velocity.

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