Ecology Big Idea 3 (Human Impact, succession)

Primary Succession

type of succession that occurs in an environment that never had soil (after lava flow, retreating glacier, etc)

Secondary Succession

type of ecological succession where soil and vegetation were present; usually occurs after a disturbance (old farmland, natural disasters, etc)

Exponential growth

a type of growth whose rate becomes more and more rapid because there are no/few limiting factors

Logistic growth

a type of growth whose rate starts out rapid and then levels off because of limiting factors which cause the population to reach a carrying capacity


clearing or removal of trees

Greenhouse gas

a gas (carbon dioxide and chlorofluorocarbons) that contributes to the warming of the Earth by absorbing radiation

Acid rain

rainfall that has become acidic because of atmospheric pollution (burning of coal and other fossil fuels); causes environmental harm

Non-native species/invasive species

any organism that is not from an area; can cause harm to that area

Endangered species

a species of animal or plant that is at a serious risk of extinction