Chapter 22 Review

Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of plants?

B. Cell walls containing chitin

The first land plants likely evolved from

B. Green algae

Two gases that plants must exchange are

C. Oxygen and carbon dioxide

Recent changes in the classification of the plant kingdom are based on

A. Studies comparing DNA sequences

Under unfavorable conditions, the green alga chlamydomonas reproduces by forming a

C. Diploid zygote

The dominant stage of a moss is the

D. Gametophyte

Water is carried upward from the roots to every part of a vascular plant by

D. Xylem

The leaves of ferns are called

B. Fronds

All of the following are characteristics of gymnosperms EXCEPT

D. Flowers

The male reproductive structures of seed plants are called

C. Pollen grains

The structures on a pine tree that contain the gametophytes are

D. Cones

The green structure in the diagram is called

A. An embryo

In angiosperms, the mature seed is surrounded by a structure called a

C. Fruit

A plant that has a two-year life cycle is a

C. Biennial

Which of the following is a basic requirement of plants?

D. All of the above

What stage in the alteration of generations is represented by fern fronds?

A. Sporophyte

Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of dicots?

C. Parallel veins

Which of the following is a structure associated with gymnosperms?

B. Cone

The mature plant ovary is also referred to as the

C. Fruit

Plants cultivated for food are mostly

C. Angiosperms

What is the independent variable?

B. Temperature

Which variable(s) should the students have held constant?

A. Plant type

What can you conclude based on the data?

B. There is an optimum temperature for the photosynthesis in this species of conifer