B Set Vol 1 Self Test

What is the purpose of the FAR?

To provide guidance on how the federal government acquires assets, builds contracts, and administers contracts.

Who oversees policy for the Air Force Comprehensive Planning Program?

The Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Installations, Environment and Logistics (SAF/IE).

What are the two managerial functions provided by the Air Force Civil Engineer (AF/A7C)?

Strategic plan development and oversight and management.

Which organization within the Air Force provides guidance processes and procedures Air Force wide ensuring standardization efficiency and economy of effort?

The Air Force Civil Engineer Center (AFCEC).

At the installation level who has the responsibility of ensuring appropriate comprehensive planning documents are developed and maintained?

The Installation Commander

What is the primary difference between the responsibilities of the Installation Commander and the BCE regarding comprehensive planning documents?

The Installation Commander ensures plans are developed while the BCE is responsible for development.

What is a primary benefit of compact development?

Helps installations conserve their land resources

What is infill development?

Infill development helps conserve limited resources. Planners do this by planning development within the installation core and on previously developed land

Which sustainable planning principle considers housing similar functions within one facility?


What are some benefits of transit-oriented development?

Lowering traffic congestion and vehicular accidents, reducing parking requirements, and lowering CO2 emissions.

Why is it important to have connected transportation networks?

A connected transportation network of streets with sidewalks, pedestrian pathways, and bicycle trails reduces the distance between origins and destinations and increases transportation alternatives

Which principle considers minimizing existing and planned obstructions from landscaping,structures, topography, and adjacent developments in order to preserve solar access and naturalventilation?

Building orientation and configuration

What is the term for the difference between the existing condition and the future build out?


How often should the growth boundary be reviewed?

Every 5 years

Which plan shows the general, overall development capacity of an installation?

Vision Plans

Where can you look to find locations targeted for known requirements?

Summary future development plan

Which part of the Installation Development Plan describes constraints, opportunities, and systemstudies?

Area Development Plan

Where can you look to find information about different uses or building form standards?

Regulating Plan

What is the name of the plan that illustrates development within a district conforming to theregulating plan?

Illustrative Plan

What program guides protection of critical infrastructure?

The Defense Critical Infrastructure Program (DCIP).

Why are some off

base assets considered critical to mission success?-Assets become critical when military organizations depend on them to carry out the mission.

Which standards set the minimum Design Basis Threat (DBT) and the minimum Level ofProtection (LOP)?

UFC 4-010-01 and the Geographic Combatant Commander's (GCC) Antiterrorism (AT) standards forbuildings

According to UFC 4 010 01, what four factors determine the standoff for a building?

(1). Is the installation located in an area with a higher DBT? (2). Occupancy of the building (lowoccupancy, inhabited, primary gathering of billeting/high occupancy housing)? (3). Is the building locatedwithin a controlled perimeter? (4). Is the building considered a critical facility (higher LOP required)?

What is the standoff distance for an inhabited building made of reinforcedconcrete within a controlled perimeter?

33 Feet

From a defensive point of view, what is the benefit of arranging buildings in proximity to oneanother?

This creates "defensible spaces" that can be protected more efficiently than scattered buildings

What is the objective of the Comprehensive Planning Process (CPP)?

To synthesize data and information to enable commanders to make effective development decisions affecting their installation and the surrounding community

Which product of the Comprehensive Planning Process (CPP) synthesizes the results of studiesand analysis?

The Installation Development Plan (IDP).

Which aspect of an installation dictates its functional requirements and physical layout?

The installation's assigned mission.

During which phase of the Comprehensive Planning Process (CPP) is information collected,assessed, and shaped?

The development phase

Who is responsible for preparing and maintaining component plans?

The Base Comprehensive Planner (BCP) and other functional experts

When reviewing investment plans, what factors can cause a change in priorities and fiscalconstraints?

Insertion of unanticipated requirements resulting from near-term mission changes and/or other legislation orregulatory change.

Who endorses the Installation Development Plan (IDP) after the annual review?

The Wing Commander

What constitutes a major change to the Installation Development Plan (IDP)?

The insertion or deletion of a Military Construction (MILCON) requirement within the Future YearsDefense Plan (FYDP), re-siting of a MILCON project, or other threshold event as defined in MAJCOMsupplemental guidance

Which instruction defines the mapping requirements for the Common Installation Picture (CIP)and data layers?

AFI 32-10112, Installation Geospatial Information and Services

Is it acceptable to release any and all information in GIS data layers to the public?

No. Access to DLs classified as For Official Use Only (FOUO) or Sensitive but Unclassified should berestricted to individuals having appropriate clearance and need to know

What three categories of data layers within the Installation Development Plan (IDP) most likelyinvolve EAs?

Common Installation Picture, Airfield Operations, and Utilities

What factors typically influence the approval, disapproval, and assignment of Civil Engineercustomer work requests?

Legal parameters, funding, priority of the facility or requestor, availability of materials and labor, andwhether the project is a want or a need.

Who approves or disapproves customer work requests at the WORB?

BCE or Deputy BCE

What factors determine the type of a project?

The project scope, execution time, cost, and the type, or complexity, of work

What are the three primary skill sets needed on a design team?

Project designer/project manager, engineer assistant, and construction inspector/quality assurance.

Which member of the design team is responsible for coordinating with reviewing agencies forsignature approval?

Engineer assistant

How much impact does a good quality assurance program have on a facility?

The impact of quality assurance and good management procedures extend from design throughout the lifeof the facility.

What is an "in-house" design?

A design done by the Civil Engineer squadron personnel

If an A-E firm is used to design a project and design flaws are found during or after construction,who works with contracting to ensure corrections?

Project Designer

Where can an inspector look to become more familiar with a project?

DD Form 1391, Civil Engineer work request, Operations flight personnel, past projects, site visit.

What is another name for an open-end contract?

Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ).

Open-end contracts are most helpful for what sort of work?

They are especially useful when the base has a variety of small and recurring requirements, includingmaintenance, repair, and minor construction.

At a minimum, how many review stages does a project undergo?


During which design review stage would Civil Engineer HVAC personnel determine if they havethe tools and training to work on a facility's systems?

Operations flight review

Who is responsible for conducting the constructability review?

Construction inspector

Where is there a checklist itemizing questions to ask during the constructability review?

AFPAM 32-1005

On the constructability review checklist, which section covers haul routes for contractorstransporting material and equipment?


Which section of the constructability review checklist may require EAs to accomplish a quicktopographic survey?

Construction Site

Which section of the constructability review checklist discusses fire suppression systems?


What is accomplished during the final review?

The project is reviewed to ensure it is ready for the BCE review

When is a command review most likely to take place?

Plans for hospitals and top secret facilities

Define Real Property.

Real property consists of land and the buildings or facilities permanently attached to or dug into the land

What are the three classifications of real property maintenance work?

Maintenance, repair, or minor construction.

Which work classification restores a facility for safe, effective, and economical support of themission?


An old fire station on an Air Force base is converted to a recreational area for dormitoryresidents. What work classification is this?

Minor Construction

Which form should a facility manager fill out to request repairs to the ventilation system in thebuilding?

AF Form 332

When does a project need a 1391?

When it requires MAJCOM, Air Staff, or congressional approval.

If there is a conflict between a project's drawing, specifications, and a publicized authoritativedocument, which takes precedence?

The published authoritative document

What is the purpose of material submittals for a construction contract?

To ensure contractors are using the material called for in a contract and not cutting costs

What sort of projects can MILCON include?

MILCON includes any construction, development, conversion, or extension of any kind carried out withrespect to a military installation.

What is the purpose of the FAR?

To provide guidance on how the federal government acquires assets, builds contracts, and administerscontracts.

What are the essential components of the FAR for a government employee to understand whendealing with contracts?

General provisions, gratuities, relationships, and ratification.

How must government employees conduct themselves, particularly when dealing with taxpayerfunded contracts?

Their official conduct must be such that they would have no reluctance to make a full public disclosure oftheir actions.

If you are inspecting a construction project on a cold day and the contractor offers you a cup ofcoffee to warm up, are you allowed to accept it?


A good friend of yours is awarded a construction contract and you are assigned to be theinspector on that contract. If that friend buys you tickets to see your favorite band, should youaccept them? Why?

No. That could create undue scrutiny and possibly compromise the contract and the friendship.

During a meeting with a contractor, the contractor suggests using a type floor tile that is not in thespecifications. The inspector likes the tile and tells the contractor to use it. The contractor uses thetile without approval from an authorized contracting official. When it turns out that the tile thecontractor used is far more expensive than the one in the contract, who is liable for the differencein price?

The construction inspector

If a contract is awarded which costs less than $2,500, how much is that contractor required to payany employees?

At least federal minimum wage

The government awarded a $92,000 contract for construction at Scott Air Force Base. Thecontractor's home office is in Memphis, Tennessee. According to the Davis-Bacon Act, shouldthe contractor pay their employees who do the work at Scott the prevailing rates in Memphis, orthe prevailing rates near Scott Air Force Base?

Scott Air Force Base

What is the main responsibility of construction management personnel when dealing withcontracts?

To ensure the government receives quality and complete work as outlined in the drawings andspecifications.

If you are assigned to a construction project that has already been planned and programmed, howfar back into the documentation should you look to become familiar with the project?

Become familiar with all aspects of a project all the way back to its inception in the planning andprogramming phases.

At a minimum, what issues is a construction inspector responsible for addressing?

Daily address construction and personnel safety, site cleanliness and control of debris and materials,communication with contractor superintendent, resolution of potential conflicts between users and baseorganizations, and monitoring the progress of construction.

When should the using agency inspect the job site to check for any problem areas?

Prior to the pre-construction conference

What letter is issued after all technical reviews are complete and before the contractor can startwork?

Notice to proceed.

Who is responsible for ensuring the necessary permits are in place before construction begins?

Construction inspector.

What must be attached to a Civil Engineer work clearance request when it is submitted forapproval?

An accurate, current map of the specific area showing roads, sidewalks, buildings, utilities, airfield clearzones or QD arcs within the area'Who is responsible for filling out a Form 103?=The persons or organization performing the work.

Which three forms work in conjunction to document a contractor's progress on a project?

3064, 3065, 1477.

What does the Form 3064 show?

The contract progress schedule divided into work types over a given period of time.

You receive a Form 3064 from a contractor. It is divided into six work types over a period of 10weeks. The fifth work type is concrete. In the concrete row, the form shows a 12 in the firstcolumn, a 5 in the third week, a 5 in the fourth week, and a 2 in the sixth week. What do the 12, 5,5, and 2 represent?

The 5, 5, and 2 are the percentage of work done each week. The 12 is the total percentage of the overallproject which involves concrete work.

What form does base contracting use to release payment to a contractor?

An approved 3065.

You receive a Form 3065 from a contractor in the sixth week of a 10 week project. The fifth worktype is concrete. The total percent of the job column for concrete work shows 12%. The %completed this period column shows 2 and the % completed cumulative shows 12%. Should therebe any more concrete work due on this project?


When discussing business with a contractor, in what area should you be careful?

Be very careful not to imply in any way that work can deviate from the drawings and specifications withoutproper approval authority.

Is it acceptable to make changes to a project under construction if a user decides to make achange?

Modification requests from users should be discouraged unless the facility under construction would not beusable without the requested change.

Which document is produced after completing the pre-final inspection?


At a minimum, who should be included in the final inspection group?

The contract manager, team leader, using agency, contracting officer, and the contractor.

If any part of the work is accepted prior to final acceptance, how long does the warranty extend?

From the date of acceptance of the work.

Why is it important to conduct a post-acceptance inspection?

To discover latent design or functional deficiencies not apparent before or during acceptance of facilityinspection.

What happens if you wait too long to schedule the post-acceptance inspection?

Delaying the post-acceptance inspection too long leads to finding discrepancies after the contractor'swarranty period is already expired.

What are the important final actions necessary to fully finish work on a construction project?

Ensure the keys, operations and maintenance manuals, as-build drawings, and backstock are properlycollected, stored and distributed.

What is a SABER contract?

A SABER contract is a firm fixed-price, indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity contract which includes acollection of detailed task specifications encompassing most types of real property maintenance, repair, andconstruction work

What is the key to having a quality unit price book?

The key to the quality of a UPB is the tailoring of the base data (which are priced at various locations,nationally) to reflect accurate local construction costs.

List four advantages of a SABER contract.

Improved customer service responsiveness, enhanced ability to accomplish backlogged work, orders,additional resources to the BCE, and added fiscal flexibility.

Who assigns project numbers to SABER contracts?

Base Development

What happens if a SABER estimate for a contract $127,000 but the approved amount on the AFForm 332 is $100,000?

The work request must be modified and be re-approved by the approving authority.