Mastering Biology Unit III (part 2)

(Fermentation)In muscle cells, fermentation produces _____.

Lactate and NAD+

In fermentation _____ is reduced and _____ is oxidized

Pyruvate.... NADH

(fermentation ) Pyruvate from glycolysis is reduced to either ____ or ____.

lactate .... ethanol

Which molecule is metabolized in a cell to produce energy for performing work?


True or false? The potential energy in an ATP molecule is derived mainly from its three phosphate groups.


Which process is not part of the cellular respiration pathway that produces large amounts of ATP in a cell? Krebs cycle Glycolysis Electron transport chain Fermentation


Which step of the cellular respiration pathway can take place in the absence of oxygen? Electron transport chain Fermentation Krebs cycle Glycolysis


Into which molecule are all the carbon atoms in glucose ultimately incorporated during cellular respiration?

Carbon Dioxide

_____ and _____ donate their electrons to the electron transport chain.


Which stage of glucose metabolism produces the most ATP?

Electrons Transport and Chemiomosis(Oxidative phosporylation)