124L Dental Dam Instrument ID

Dental Dam Clamp

Anchors and stabilizes dental dam on the teeth. It is most often placed on a tooth distal to the tooth/teeth being treated.

Dental Dam punch

Creates holes in the dental dam needed to expose the teeth

Dental Dam Forceps

Used to place/remove dental dam clamp

Dental Dam Material

A 6x6 or smaller piece of latex or non-latex material used to isolate the teeth and oral cavity

Dental Dam frame

Used to stabilize and stretch the dental dam across the face. Supports the Dental Dam across the face

Dental Dam Napkin

Cloth placed across face and oral cavity prevents contact of Dental Dam with the face and helps absorb moisture

Dental Dam Stamp or Dental Dam Template

Used to mark the dental dam with a pattern of the dental arches to assist in punching the dam

Beavertail Burnisher

Used to invert the Dental Dam at the cervical 3rd of the teeth or into the sulcus to prevent the leakage of saliva


Cuts the septa of dental dam for easy removal.


Used to ligate the Dental Dam clamp to prevent accidental swallowing. May also be used to stabilize the Dental Dam and assist in the placement of the Dam interproximally

Small piece of Dental Dam

Used to stabilize the dental dam, interproximally at the most anterior area


A material, usually Petroleum jelly (vaseline; may also use topical anes.) Used to slightly moisten the dental dam holes to easily slide the dam over the teeth. May also be used to moisten the patient's lips.