Exam 5 ISB 202:7


Genetic Change

Genetic Drift

An Event...More genes in one generation than before... -stepping on green beetles, leaves more brown beetles to reproduce and carry that DNA

Gene Flow

Migrate to other populations

Natural Selection

Survival of the Fittestdue to a heritable trait that allows individuals to more likely survive and produce offspring?due to a heritable trait that allows individuals to more likely survive and produce offspring? Genetic variationHeritable differences Beneficial traits

Genetic Mutations

Random, may be beneficial or not. If it is, could be passed down from generation to generation... impacting the allele frequency. Traits are beneficial in some environments, while they may not be beneficial in some evironments

What is the drive of Evolution?

All of the mechanisms. Not just natural selection.

What can cause changes..

More dominant geneGene FlowSexual SelectionChange in environment.

Sub Species, Hybrids

Look different, but can breed!

How can sub species lead to speciation?

Different Environments -Hot or Cold -Moist or Dry-Predators Geographic Boundaries


Evolution on a small scale-Insects resisting Pesticides

For evolution to occur...

You need -Genetic variation-Heritable traits

What is a species

A species is often defined as a group of individuals that actually or potentially interbreed in nature, and produce offspring that can mate as well.

What is speciation

Speciation is a lineage-splitting event that produces two or more separate species

Causes of speciation

Geographic Isolation/BoundariesReduction of gene flow

Phylogenetic tree

Models EvolutionLeast Recent to Most Recent Root, Branches, Tip, Nodes(Speciation