DNA replication & Protein synthesis

identify the three subunits of a nucleotide

phosphate, sugar, nitrogen base

A DNA strand has the following sequence of bases: AAGTCG. What would be the sequence of bases on the complementary strand?


What two individuals have received credit for discovering the double helix structure of DNA?

watson and crick

is DNA a single strand or double strand

double (double helix)

what is the function of DNA

genetic info

where is DNA found in the cell


what are DNA nitrogenous bases


is RNA single or double strand


what is the function of RNA

carry genetic info

where is RNA found in the cell


what are RNA nitrogenous bases


what is transcription

part of the DNA molecule is read and copied into a molecule called mRNA

what part of the cell does transcription take place


where does the mRNA take the code after being transcribed


what happens during translation

the instructions carried by mRNA are read by tRNA which assembles and make the protein molecules

define point shift mutation

gene mutations involving changes in one or few nucleotides, occur at a single point in the DNA sequence

define frameshift mutation

genetic mutation caused by a deletion or insertion in a DNA sequence that shifts the way the sequence is read

list the 4 types of chromosomal mutations

deletions, duplications, inversions, translocations


involve the loss of all or part of a chromosome


produce extra copies of parts of a chromosome


reverse the direction of parts of chromosomes


occur when part of one chromosome breaks off and attaches to another

chemically A & G have two rings called


C & T have one ring and are called