Principles of Health Information Resources Chapter's 6, 7 & 8

The information contained in the encounter form is eventually transferred to the ______ form for submission.


Only services deemed medically ________ can be billed to insurance.


What does the "CM" stand for in ICD coding?

Clinical modification

The amount of a patient's co-pay may vary by:

insurance plan

Charges begin to accrue once the ________.

MA or care provider interacts with patient

In PrimeSUITE, a red "X" on a Superbill summary indicates:

an invalid code assignment.

To avoid negative consequences, a compliance plan should be ______ in every hospital and medical office.


The ______ is usually the person to set up information libraries within Practice Management software programs.

Office manager

Who is the only person authorized to make diagnosis?

Care provider

Which of the following is true of the advance payment ACO model?

It is an incentive model.

Expected methods of payment are discussed when a patient:

makes an appointment.

Which of the following would be considered a covered entity?

Healthcare provider

Of the following, which factor contributes to the access rights allowed a user?

Job description

It is critical that backup files be stored:


HITECH regulations require that ___ information releases are accounted for.


According to HIPAA regulations, healthcare providers must use ____ as opposed to written documentation to store and transmit information to insurance carriers.

all of these

Meaningful use standards require offices to select an EHR that is:


Releasing information without paper authorization is called a/an:

breach of confidentiality.

An office's compliance manual should be kept in a/an ______ location.


The sharing of health information must be done in a _____ environment.


Under a care provider's order, medical assistants and nurses _______ allowed to send an ePrescription or call in a refill prescription to a pharmacy.

might be

To help guard against security breaches, emails containing protected health information should be:


The Internet is ________ and an intranet is ________.

public; private

A hard-copy document is attached to a patient's electronic chart by:


Using templates makes it easier for care providers to focus on their first priority, which is:

patient care

PrimeSUITE allows each user to ____ certain features to their liking.


A facility needs to make sure that the information on their intranet does not become:


It is ____ to have too many flags set up in PrimeSUITE.


A healthcare professional may assign work to another user with PrimeSUITE's ________ functionality.


Jane Howard often misses appointments; an alert is set to appear on her record; this alert is known as a/an ________ in PrimeSUITE.