All of the following are colors typically used for informational signs, except for:


The center turn lane is used:

to begin and end left turns.

If a police officer pulls you over, he or she will ask for your driver's license and:

proof of insurance.

Unless otherwise posted, what's the speed limit in a school zone in most states?


When turning from the middle of three turn lanes, which lane should you end up in upon completing the turn?

The middle lane.

When traveling on a high-speed expressway in normal conditions, you should maintain a following distance of at least:

four seconds.

It is illegal to park your car at each of the following locations, except for:

on a one-way street.

If you damage a parked vehicle, you must do all of the following, except:

wait next to the vehicle until the owner arrives.

Unless otherwise posted, what's the speed limit in a residential area in most states?

25 miles per hour

When approaching an uncontrolled railroad crossing, the speed limit is:

15 miles per hour.

You can make left turns on green:

after yielding to any oncoming traffic.

You should increase your following distance under all of the following circumstances, except:

when traveling on rural roads.

If a curb is painted yellow, it designates an area:

used for passenger and freight loading.

You should dim your high beams to low beams when:

an oncoming vehicle is within 500 feet or when you're following a vehicle at a distance of 300 feet or less.

If, for any reason, you have to travel very slowly on a two-lane rural road, you must:

pull over to let traffic pass you if there are five or more cars trailing you.