Chapter 10 muscle system

A common injury is to the quadratus lumborum. This would be to them


A muscle that opposes, or reverses, a particular movement is a


A nursing infant develops a powerful muscle for suckling the adults use when whistling. What is this muscle called


Distance cyclists are known for their great quads. Which of these muscles is one of the quadriceps

Vastus medialis

During a push-up, where the body is balanced on toes and hands, then entire body is acting as a ---blank--- lever

Second class

Having a six pack indicate someone has well-developed ---blank--- muscles

Rectus abdominis

It's a lever operates at a mechanical disadvantage it means that the

Load is far from the fulcrum while the effort is applied near the fulcrum

If L=load, F=fulcrum, and E=effort, what type of lever system is described as LEF


Most joints in the body or examples of ---blank ---levers


Muscles like the biceps, triceps and quadriceps have been name so that you know the

Number of heads or points of origin

Paralysis of which muscle would make it so an individual could not flex their thigh

Iliopsoas and rectus femoris

Paralysis of which muscle would make it impossible to flex the knee

The hamstrings

Spasms of the strap like muscle often result in wryneck or tortucollis


Tennis players often complain about pain in the forearm that swings the racket. What muscles usually strained under these conditions


The levers that operate with the mechanical advantage are called ---blank ---levers


The muscle that provides the major force to enable a specific movement is called the


The names of muscles often indicate the action of the muscle. What does the term leveator mean? The muscle

Elevates it's attachment

The prime mover for chewing is the ---blank---, a contender for the most powerful muscle in the body, especially if you consider the force generated at the molars


The quadriceps is composed of three vastus muscles and the

Rectus femoris

The supraspinatus is named for its location on the posterior aspect of the scapula above the scapular spine. The supraspinatus acts to

Stabilize the shoulder joint and help prevent downward movement of the humerus in the glenoid joint as well as assisting in abduction of the humerus

The ---blank--- is known as the boxer muscle because it becomes very developed and people who performed the pushing action of punching

Serratus anterior

What do the genioglossus, hyoglossus, and styloglossus muscles have in common

All act on the tongue

What is the determining factor for the power of a muscle

The total number of muscle cells available for contraction

What is the major factor controlling how levers work

They differ in the placement of the load, effort, and fulcrum

What muscle is primarily responsible for preventing foot drop

Extensor digitorum longus

What type of muscle assists an agonist by having the same basic action or by stabilizing a joint over which an agonist acts

A synergist

Which generalization concerning movement by skeletal muscles is not true

During contraction, the two articulating bones move equally

Which group of muscle flexes and rotates the neck

The scalenes

Which muscle group is damaged when someone experiences a pulled groin

Thigh adductors

Which muscles contract to enable a forceful exhalation

Internal intercostals and the rectus abdominis

Which of the following best describes the orbicularis oris

It closes, purses, and protrudes the lips

Which of the following describes the suprahyoid muscles? They

Are a group of muscles that lie superior to the hyoid bone and help form the floor of the oral cavity

Which of the following is not a member of the hamstrings


Which of the following is not a member of the quadriceps group

Biceps femoris

Which of the following is not a muscle that is primary involved in allowing you to breathe

Latissimus dorsi

Which of the following is not a rotator cuff muscle

Levator scapulae

Which of the following muscles acts as a powerful for extensor

Triceps brachii

Which of the following muscles commonly serves as the site of intramuscular injections, especially in infants

Vastus lateralis

Which of the following muscles fixes and depresses the ribs and stabilizes the pelvis during walking

Rectus abdominis

Which of the following muscles inserts by the calcaneal tendon

The gastrocnemius

Which of the following muscles produce is horizontal wrinkles in the four head

The frontal body of the epicranius

Which of these is not a way of classifying muscles

By the type of muscle fiber

Which of these statements is true

Regardless of type, all levers follow the same basic principle: effort farther than load from fulcrum equals mechanical advantage, while effort nearer then load to fulcrum is a mechanical disadvantage

Which type of letter is a pair of scissors

First class

While found in the same location, the ---blank ---is not part of the rotator cuff. It acts as a synergist of the latissimus dorsi to extend medially rotate and adduct the humerus

Teres major

While performing a squat, if the knee is the fulcrum of interest, the hamstrings contract to flex the lower leg, making this an example of

Third class

You make a silly comment and stick out your tongue. What time muscles did you use


Which of these muscles allows you to cross one leg over the other

The sartorius