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long, hollow cylinder through which fluids are transmitted, primarily made of metal, but also can be made of glass, plastic, and plastic lined material


Hose or pipe of small diameter, (typically less than 1 inch (2,5cm) used to transport fluids.


Flexible tube that carries fluids; can be made of plastic, rubber, fiber, metal, or a combination of material.


System component used to connect two or more pieces of piping, tubing, or other equipment.


A mechanical device used to increase the pressure of a gas or vapor.


A machine that is used to produce power and rotate shaft-driven equipment such as pumps, compressors, and generators.


a mechanical driver that converts electrical energy into useful mechanical work and provides power for rotating equipment.

Heat Exchanger

a device used to transfer heat from one substance to another without physical contact between the two.


A machine that converts chemical (fuel) energy into mechanical force.


(T/F) A process technician controls mechanical, physical, or chemical changes throughout many processes to produce a final product made from raw material.


(T/F) Process technicians analyze data and communicate data to the appropriate employees.


A process technician might perform the following maintenance activities: Which do apply?
A.) Lubricate equipment
B.) Replace a unit compressor
C.) Monitor and analyze equipment performance
D.) Change and clean filters.

Gloves, Goggles, FRC, Hard Hats, and Safety Shoes

List 5 protective equipment that operators wear.

Block Flow Diagrams (BFD)
Process Flow Diagrams (PFD)
Piping and instrumental diagram (P&ID)
Utility Flow Diagram (UFD)

3 Process diagrams drawings.

Block Flow Diagram

A simple illustrating that shows a general overview of the process indicating its parts and their interrelationships. (Which diagram)

Process Flow Diagram

Basic illustration that uses symbols and direction arrows to show the primary flow path of the material through a process. (Which diagram).

Piping and instrumentation diagram (P&ID)

Detailed illustration that graphically represents the relationship of equipment, piping, instrumentation, and flows contained within a process in the facility. (Which diagram).

Utility Flow Diagram (UFD).

Illustration that provides process technicians a PFD-type view of the utilities used for a process. (Which diagram)

Hand Tools

are operated manually instead of being driven by electrical power.


A device designed to provide mechanical advantage and make the task easier.


A tool with a handle and a heavy head that is used for pounding or delivering blows to an object


A hand tool that contains 2 hinged arms and serrated jaws that are used for gripping, holding, or bending.

Claw(Regular), Ball peen, Sledge, Rubber mallet.

Types of hammers

Adjustable pliers.

Pliers that have a tongue and groove joint or slot that allows the jaws to widen and grip objects of different sizes.

Locking Pliers.

Pliers that can be adjusted with an adjustment screw and then locked into place when the handgrips are squeezed together (Vice Grips)

Needle Nose Pliers

Small pliers with long, thin jaws for fine work. (holding small items in place, removing cotter pins, or bending wire).

Linemans Pliers

Snub nosed pliers with two flat gripping surfaces, two opposing cutting edges, and inserted handles that help reduce the risk of electrical shock.


A device that engages with, and applies torque to, the head of the screw so that the screw can be tightened or loosened.

Flaring Tool

a device used to create a cone-shaped enlargement at the end of a piece of tubing so the tubing can accept a flare-fitting.


A hand tool that uses gripping, jaws to turn bolts, nuts, or other hand-to-turn items.

Adjustable wrench

Open-ended wrench with an adjustable jaw that contains no teeth or ridges (the jaw is smooth) also crescent wrench.

Socket wrench

A tool that contains interchangeable socket heads of varying sizes that can be attached to a ratcheting wrench handle or other driver.

Pipe wrench

An adjustable wrench that contains two serrated jaws that are designed to grip and turn pipes or other items with a rounded surface also referred to a Stillson wrench.

Impact Wrench

A pneumatically or electrically powered wrench that uses repeated blows from small internal hammers that generate torque to tighten or loosen fasteners.

Torque Wrench

A manual wrench that uses a gauge to indicate the amount of torque (rotational force) being applied to the nut to bolt

Valve wheel wrench

a hand tool used to provide mechanical advantage when opening or closing valves. These wrenches typically fit over the sale of a valve wheel.

Properly and Safely

It is the responsibility of every employee to ensure the tools are used ___ and ____


___ pliers have a tongue and groove joint that allows the distance between jaws to be altered.


A ___ wrench is a device used to apply a precise amount of force to a fastening device such as a nut or bolt.

Binds (or blanks) (paddle and spectacle binds)
Spectacle binds are thick, paddle binds are thin.

Solid plates or covers that are installed between pipe flanges to prevent the flow of fluids and to isolate equipment or piping sections when repairs are being performed. typically made of metal

Expansion Loop.

segment of pipe that allows for expansion and contraction during temperature changes.


Any substance that prevents the passage of heat, light, electrically, or sound from one-medium to another.

Steam Trap.

device used to remove condensate form the steam system.

Weld, Screw, Flange.

3 Ways to connect pipe

Plot plans
Block Flow Diagrams
Process Flow Diagrams

Process drawings include:

American Petroleum Institute

API meaning

Piping and Instrumentation Diagram (P&ID)
Process Flow Diagram (PFD)

Two types of drawings

Block Flow Diagram

Which drawing provides a general overview of the process and contains few specifics


A pipe wrench can be used as an alternative to a valve wheel wrench.

Device used to remove condensation from steam system

What does a steam trap do?


Primary metal for pipe