7th grade Texas History- set 3


Bill of Rights

A section of the constitution that protects individual freedoms.


a set of rules that guides how a country or state works.

Popular Sovereignty

The government gets it authority from the people. People have the right to alter or abolish their government

Separation of Powers

The government is divided into 3 branches. Not one branch is given all the power.

Checks and Balances

Each branch has the power to check, or limit, the actions of the other 2 branches.


Division of power between the federal government and the states.


The people exercise their power by voting representatives into office.

Individual Rights

the liberties of each person/U.S. Citizen to pursue life and goals without interference (disruption) from other individuals or the government.

Identify the 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments

13th- slavery abolished
14th- citizenship for freed slaves
15th- all citizens allowed to vote

3 impacts of Spindletop:

Oil boom, towns boomed, lumber booms

Causes of the Great Depression

-Uneven spread of wealth
-Farmers faces rough times
-Foreign grade slowed

Causes of the Dust Bowl

Over farming, destruction of grass, severe drought, strong winds

Herbet Hoover and FDR's actions during the Great Depression

Hoover didn't believe the government should give away money.
FDR wasn't afraid to spend money on the people.

How did women enter the workforce?

They worked in factories, and took over jobs on farms.

Why did Texans move from rural to urban areas?

Industries were located in cities.

What are civil rights?

equal rights for all citizens of the US.

Who inspired thousands with his "I Have A Dream" speech?

Martin Luther King Jr.

What two chambers form the bicameral government of Texas?

House of Representatives and the Senate