Integrated Principles of Zoology: Zoology Exam 5 Study guide (2) Flashcards

What is used Primarily for Osmoregulation in Protozoans?

Contractile Vacuole

The contractile Vacuole is used for what in Protozoans?


Invertebrates (acoelomates and Pseudocoelomates) use what for Osmoregulation?


Protonephrihidia is used for osmoregulation in which organisms?

Invertebrates (acoelomates and pseudocoelomates)

What are examples of invertebraes that use protonephridia?

Flatworms and Rotifers

Is the Protonephridia an open or a closed system?


Flat Worms and Rotifers are know to use what for Osmoregulation?


The Metanephridium in Eucoelomates is surrounded by what?

Blood Vessels

The Metanephridium in Eucoelomates excrete what?


When an excretory system excretes Urea it is said to be...


What do molluscs use for excretion?

A pair of Metanephridia ('Kidneys')

In Molluscs, is the Metanephrium an open or a closed system?


Describe Excretion in Molluscs.

Fluid enters into the Nephrostome and exits into the mantle cavity.

is excretion in Molluscs Ammonotelic or Urotelic?


Ammonotelic means what?

It means that there is an excretion of Ammonia

What do Crustaceans use for excretion?

Green Gland

The Green Gland is used for Excretion by which organisms?


What is located at the end sac of Antennal glands?

Osmoregulation Ultrafiltrate

Osmoregulation Ultrafiltrate is located where?

At the end sac of the Antennal gland.

Describe the Excretory system of Crustaceans

They undergo selective resorption in their tubules.
The fluid exits via Nephridiopore Excretion is then
complete via active pumping from gill

Is the Excretion of Crustaceans Ammonotelic or Ureotelic.


What do Arthropods (Insects and Spiders) use for Osmoregulation?

Malpighian Tubules

Describe the Supplication of nutrients to the Malpighian tubules.

They are bathed in hemolymph ( they have no vessels).

Describe the Excretion process of Arthropods

The Malpighian tubules are bathed in hemolymh Ions are
actively transported into tubules The Ions are then
Reasorbed via the rectum (rectal gland)

How are Ions in the Malpighian Tubules reasorbed?

Via the Rectum (Rectal Gland)

How are Ions Transported in the Malpighian tubules?

They are Actively Transported into tubules

What compound do Arthropods excrete during excretion?

Uric Acid

Excretion of Uric Acid is known as what?


What do Spiders use for excretion?

Coxal glands

Coxal Glands in Spiders are similer to what?

Antennal Glands

Name the order in which the Kidney is developed.

Archenephros Pronephros Mesonephros
Metanephros or Opistnonephros

Archenephros is known as what?

The Ancestral condition

The Pronephros is...

Located only in Embryos

The Mesonephros is...

Functional in Embryos

The Metanephros is..

The functional kidneys of adult reptiles, birds and mammals.

The opisthonephros is....

The Functional kidneys of adult lampreys, fishes, and Amphibians

The Functional kidneys of adult lampreys, fishes, and Amphibians

The opisthonephros

The functional kidneys of adult reptiles, birds and mammals.

The Metanephros

The Functional kidneys of Embryos.


The functional unit of a mammalian kidney is what?

A Nephron

Mammalian Kidneys are made up of what?

2 million nephrons

What are the 3 processes of a kidney function?

Filtration Reabsorption Secretion

The site of filtration is known as what?

The Renal Corpuscle

Which two structures make up the Renal Corpuscle?

Bowman's Capscule Glomerulus

Describe the order in which the kidneys reabsorb fluid.

Proximal Tubule Loop of Henle Distal

How much Reabsorption is the Proximal Tubule responsible for?


What type of transport takes place in the Proximal Tubule?

Mostly Active Transport

The Proximal Tubule is responsible for what?

Transporting the maximum amount of Fluid

The Loop of Henle is responsible for what?

The transportation of Concentrate urine

The Loop of Henle plays a role in what?


The Dista tubule is regulated by what in the Distal tubule?


Renin regulates what? in the Distal Tubule

The Distal Tubule

Renin Triggers what in the Distal tubule?


Angiotensin trigger what in the Distal Tubule?


Aldosterone controls what in the Distal Tubule?

Sodium and Potassium

Aldosterone triggers what?

ADH (Vasoprasin)

Vasoprasin influences what?

Permeability to water

Vasoprasin increases what?

Blood Pressure Thirst

An organism that cannot regulate its body temperature except by
behavioral means such as basking or burrowing.

A Poikilothermic Organism

An organism that maintains a stable internal body temperature
regardless of external influence.

A Homeothermic Organism

Any animal whose regulation of body temperature depends on external
sources, such as sunlight or a heated rock surface.


Any Animal that maintains a constant body temperature independent of
the environment.


Ectotherms compensate for temperature changes by...

Regulating Metabolism

Endotherms have the ability to generate what?


Endotherms have the Ability to Balance what?

Heat Production and Heat Loss