fabrication and lying


tend to look similar and letter writers are scared to write any negative remarks

letter of recommendation

protect against negligent hiring suits and look to see if content of resume and references are valid predictors of performance

background check

low reliability and validity. When an employer contracts a job applicant previous employers, schools, colleges, and to learn more about his or her employment history, educational background, and qualification. Have not proceed successful in predicting emp

reference check

a variety of different physical abilities ranging from muscular attention to muscles flexibility and coordination. Only used for jobs that acquires these abilities to perform well

physical ability test

measure of intelligence, one of the most widely used and most valid measures. Shown to be a valid predictor of job performances across a variety of jobs and industries. If job requires more such as a surgeon correlation will be higher.

cognitive ability test

average of single studies on a given relationship. Shows that cognitive ability and job ability is at subpoint .50 in which you square that. Cognitive ability test shows 25% of the differences in peoples job performance.

Meta- Analysis

asses' main facets such as verbal comprehension, quantitative ability, and reasoning ability. Ask "What can applicants do?" what are they capable of what is their maximum performance

Cognitive Ability Test

given to by both organizations and schools. Being more intelligent helps performance on most any jobs, can only tell what someone can do and their potential max but does not tell you what they will do.

Cognitive Ability Test

relativity stable organization of a person characteristics an enduring pattern of behavior. Tend to have high reliability, low to moderate criterion and low generalizability

Personality interview

Relatively stable organization of a person characteristics. An enduring pattern of behavior. Not mood, emotions, feelings, attitudes, etc. These fluctuate a great deal and are a subject to change while _ is much more stable


people grow sour and become a mean-spirit with age, personality depends mostly on socialization and environment influence

myth about personality

a person's personality changes with the environment (behavior changes but personality does not)

Myth about personally

dependable, organized, persevering thorough, and achievement- oriented. second- best predictor performance following cognitive ability, tells you what a person will do


� 50 percent is inherited and show that identical twins apart had much in common


very structured, strict rules, task demands limit behavior, tight standards, clear expectations Ex. Military

strong situations

loose, few rules or expectations, uncertainty, low structure. Examples personality reveals itself in weak situations.

weak situations

projective measure/test that involves describing ambiguous scenes, involves own interpretation upon seeing a picture and describing what you see. Not a very valid test

Thematic Apperception Test

the big five of personality CANOE.

Personality Taxonomies

� tend to be dependable, organized, and achievement oriented.

Conscientious (Personality Taxonomies) apart of big 5 personality

tend to be kind, gentle, courteous, tolerant, and cooperative.

Agreeableness (Personality Taxonomies) apart of big 5 personality

more prone to negative emotions and anxiety and depression.

Neuroticism (Personality Taxonomies) apart of big 5 personality

� broad minded, might like to visit new places or try new foods

Openness to Experience (Personality Taxonomies) apart of big 5 personality)

� An extrovert is a sociable, assertive, they're diammoniate and talkative and gregarious, and they're more susceptible to experiencing positive emotions.

Extraversion (Personality Taxonomies) apart of big 5 personality-

big Five are not strongly related to each other (or to cognitive ability)

key points

strive for what they would like to be ideal sold through advancement and accomplishment. Intended to move people to closer desired and states independent can also mean you are high on prevention focus as well

Promotion focus

fulfilling duties and obligations through vigilant and responsible behaviors. Avoid conditions that pull them away desired and states. Independent can also mean you are high on prevention focus as well

Prevention focus

a strategy that involves engaging in things that are consistent with the goal of passing the exam, would include reading studying materials and prepping

promotion activity

� involve abstaining from inconsistent activities that would pull you away from the achievement of passing that exam. >> So, for example, watching TV for leisure. >> These strategies in turn, have unique effects on subsequent behavior and performance leve

prevention focus

� Historically unreliable A lot of noise due to _ tendencies and mood, applicant's mood and anxiety, applicant preparation and coaching, application gender mix, interaction style mix and age mix, time consuming


meaning the same questions should be asked for each applicant

Standardized and structured interview

� base questions on the specification on the job, ask exact same questions of each candidate, limit unnecessary follow up - and elaborations, put off applicant questions until the end.


want it to be same across all applicants. Takes about three unstructured interviews to equal the validity of 1 structured interview

structure the interview

oriented questions - why would you like to work here, what are your strengths and weakness? What do you like best about this profession?

Avoid opinion

focus on questions that try to gauge a person's typical way of behaving or performing. Ex would ask what if a customer was insulting to you, how would you react. Or what was the biggest difference you had with a coworker and how did you resolve that situa

Situation interview questions

Interviewers should take detailed notes and score the applicant on observed characteristic like communication ability, or leadership potential

Applicants should be interviews by more than one person

arrive at some type of quantifiable score that can be used to differentiate one applicant from another. This way scores can be compared to assess the reliability and consistency of the interview

goal of selection

Use the same set of interviewers for all candidates and discourage discussion of candidates between interviewers.

Applicants should be interviewed by more than one person

used by many of the Fortune 1000, studies validating _ are rare because they are confidential

drug test

� applicants who failed a drug test went to have a 59% higher rate of absenteeism and a 47% higher rate of involuntary turnover than those who passes

Importance of drug test

is the applicant honest applicant and trustworthy, what did firms use to assess this in the past

Integrity Test

� used to predict theft, substance abuse, ethical reprimands tend to have a correlation of .15 but are still useful because they have a high practical value in terms of cost saving.

Integrity test

good predictors of performance, likely reflects conscientiousness .40 to some degree, which predicts performance

Integrity test

� focus on how you'll handle real life scenarios you may handle it in the work- place and who you have handled similar situations in previous real-life scenarios. Ex. Ming was asked to describe a situation where her creativity led to effective problem-sol

Experience based situational interview

the applicant is confronted with a pre- specified query of questions and issues that are likely to arise at the job. Future-oriented interviews are less valid than experience-based interviews

Situational interview

ability to keep disruptive emotions in check such as being calm and controlled

self regulation

attempt to stimulate the job in a pre- hiring context to observe how the applicant performs. This can be on the job or off the job. It is usually expensive

work sample

a wide variety of specific selection programs that employ multiple selection methods to rate either applicants or job incumbents on their managerial potential. A process in which multiple raters evaluate employee's performance on multiple aspects and exer

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