Network+ Exam Ch1 Ch2

?What physical network topology consists of all connected devices connecting to one central device, such as a switch?

star topology

Which two protocols can be used to gain remote access specifically to a server's command line interface, securely and unsecurely?

SSH and Telnet

In Linux systems, what file contains the settings for the DHCP service?


What is the name for a client-server model with one server and many clients, such as when an application is used to watch a live sports event??

multicast distribution

An IPv6 address consists of how many bits??


Servers that have a NOS installed require less memory, processing power, and storage capacity that clients because servers are called on to handle only light processing loads and requests from multiple clients.?


What is a subnet mask, and how is it used??

A subnet mask is a 32-bit number that helps one computer find another. The 32 bits are used to indicate what portion of an IP address is the network portion and what part is the host portion. Using this information, a computer can know if a remote computer with a given IP address is on its own or a different network

How many clusters of root servers exist?


Voice and video transmissions are _______________, meaning you don't want to hear breaks in your conversation or see a buffering message when you watch a movie over the Internet.


NetBIOS applications should be replaced as they are out-of-date.


A hexadecimal number is a number written in the base 16 number system.?


What command on Linux will display TCP/IP information associated with every interface on the device??

ifconfig -a

If a Network layer protocol is aware that a packet is larger than the maximum size for its network, it will divide the packet into smaller packets in a process known as:?


The proper handling procedures for substances such as chemical solvents is typically outlined in which of the following options?

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

Select the protocol below that is used to synchronize clocks on computers on a network:?


What top level domain is used for the air-transport industry??


Each organization that provides host services on the public Internet is responsible for providing and maintaining DNS authoritative servers for public access.?


The Network layer header identifies sending and receiving hosts by their _________________.?

IP addresses

In what network topology are devices daisy-chained together in a single line??

bus topology

A port number, which identifies an application on a host, exists at what level of the OSI model??


What two ipconfig commands below are used to show DNS resolver cache information and clear the name resolver cache?

?ipconfig /flushdns and ipconfig /displaydns

An open electrical circuit as a result of a failed circuit breaker is considered to be what type of failure system?


The smallest network is a ______________________, which is a network of personal devices, such as the network you use when you sync your cell phone and your computer.?


What range of ports is referred to as the "well-known" range of ports?


___________ is an unsecured client server application / protocol that transfers files between two computers.?


Describe how the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) and User Datagram Protocol (UDP) differ from each other, and provide examples of where each might be used.?

The Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) ?makes a connection with the end host, checks whether the data is received, and resends it if it is not. TCP is used by applications such as Web browsers and email. The User Datagram Protocol (UDP) does not guarantee delivery thus, UDP is called a connectionless protocol. UDP is used for broadcasting, such as streaming video or audio over the Web and used to monitor network traffic.

Describe how an IPv6 address is written and displayed.

An IPv6 address is 128 bits in length and is written as eight blocks (also called quartets) of hexadecimal numbers separated by colons, like this: 2001:0000:0B80:0000:0000:00D3:9C5A:00CC
Each block is 16 bits. For example, the first block in the preceding IP address is the hexadecimal number 2001, which can be written as 0010 0000 0000 0001 in binary.
Leading zeroes in a four-character hex block can be eliminated. This means our sample
IP address can be written as 2001:0000:B80:0000:0000:D3:9C5A:CC.
?If blocks contain all zeroes, they can be written as double colons (::). This means our
sample IP address can be written two ways:
� 2001::B80:0000:0000:D3:9C5A:CC
� 2001:0000:B80::D3:9C5A:CC
To avoid confusion, only one set of double colons is used in an IP address. In this example, the preferred method is the second one 2001:0000:B80::D3:9C5A:CC because the address contains the fewest zeroes.

Using the same network to deliver multiple types of communications services, such as video, voice, and fax, is known as:


?Any computer or device on a network that can be addressed on the local network is referred to as a:


Explain the differences between a physical topology and a logical topology.?

the term physical topology, or network topology, mostly applies to hardware and describes how computers, other devices, and cables fit together to form the physical network. The term logical topology has to do with software and describes how access to the network is controlled, including how users and programs initially gain access to the network and how specific resources, such as applications and databases, are shared on the network.

Explain the two different categories of Application layer protocols, and then detail the PDU used at this layer.?

Application programs that provide services to a user, such as a browser and Web server using the HTTP Application layer protocol
Utility programs that provide services to the system, such as SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) programs that monitor and gather information about network traffic and can alert network administrators about adverse conditions that need attention.

_______________ are not used to find noes on networks other than the local network.?

MAC addresses

How can you prevent damage to a component prior to touching it??

Wear an ESD strap around your wrist that clips onto the chassis or computer case, which eliminates any ESD between you and the chassis and its components.
If you don't have an ESD strap handy, be sure to at least touch the case before you touch any component inside the case. This is not as effective as wearing an ESD strap, but can reduce the risk of ESD.
To protect a sensitive component, always store it inside an antistatic bag when it's not in use.

The protocol data unit for the Physical layer of the OSI model is payload, or data.?


What are the two main Transport Layer protocols??


Traditional MAC addresses are broken into two parts. Name these two parts.?

Device and Block ID

Explain the three different tunneling protocols developed for transmission of IPv6 packets over or through an IPv4 network.?

6to4 is the most common tunneling protocol. IPv6 addresses intended to be used by this protocol always begin with the same 16-bit prefix (called fixed bits), which is 2002 and the prefix is written as 2002::/16. The next 32 bits of the IPv6 address are the 32 bits of the IPv4 address of the sending host.
ISATAP (pronounced " eye-sa-tap" ) stands for Intra-Site Automatic Tunnel Addressing Protocol . This protocol works only on a single organization' s intranet. By default, ISATAP is enabled in Windows 7 and Windows 8.1.
Teredo (pronounced " ter-EE-do" ) is named after the Teredo worm, which bores holes in wood. IPv6 addresses intended to be used by this protocol always begin with 2001 and the prefix is written as 2001::/32. Teredo is enabled by default in Windows 7, but not Windows 8.1. On UNIX and Linux systems that don' t have Teredo installed by default, you can install third-party software such as Miredo to provide the Teredo service.

What two types of IP addresses are used on the Internet??

IPV4 and IPV6

What two encryption protocols are commonly used with the Hypertext Transfer Protocol?


Select the layer of the OSI model that is responsible for reformatting, compressing, and/or encrypting data in a way that the application on the receiving end can read:?


A loopback IP address begins with what ?number?


What layer of the OSI model describes how data between applications is synced and recovered if messages don't arrive intact at the receiving application?

Session layer

What are the last two parts of a host name known as??

domain name

What are some general OSHA guidelines to use when using power (electric) tools or other hand tools in the workplace??

Wear personal protective equipment (PPE) to protect yourself as you work. For example, wear eye protection where dust or fumes are generated by power tools.
Keep all tools in good condition and properly store tools not in use. Examine a tool for damage before you use it.

Static electricity is an electrical charge in motion.?


What RFC outlines recommendations for private IP addresses??

RFC 1918

The MAC address, which is also known as the ______________ address, is embedded on every NIC and is assumed to be unique.?


Select the IPv6 address below that indicates a global unicast address:


What protocol is commonly used to request configuration files from another computer??


Select the name of the free, open source software that is by far the most popular DNS server software:


The process of adding a header to the data inherited from the layer above is called what option below??


What mail protocol is used to send mail messages to a server?


A standard network switch operates at what layer of the OSI model?

Layer 2

Describe the difference between unicast, multicast, and anycast addresses.

?A unicast address specifies a single node on a network. This differs from a multicast address, which is delivered to all nodes in a targeted, multicast group. An anycast address can identify multiple destinations, with packets delivered to the closest destination. For example, a DNS name server might send a DNS request to a group of DNS servers that have all been assigned the same anycast address. A router handling the request examines routes to all the DNS servers in the group and routes the request to the closest server.

What two address prefixes for IPv6 addresses are used for unique local unicast??

FC00::/7 and FD00::/8

The segment or datagram protocol data unit exists at what layer of the OSI model??

Transport Layer

DNS follows a centralized database model.?


What two names are used to describe the configuration in which internal and ?external DNS queries are handled by different DNS servers or by a single DNS server that is specially configured to keep internal and external DNS zones separate?

Split-horizon DNS
Split DNS

ICANN is responsible for restrictions on use of the .com, .org, and .net TLDs.?


?The Network Time Protocol service uses what port number?

UDP 123

Describe the two different types of NAT.?

SNAT� Using Static Network Address Translation (SNAT) , the gateway assigns the same public IP address to a host each time it makes a request to access the Internet. This method works well when a local host is running a server that is accessed from the Internet. It' s used on home networks that have only a single public IP address provided by an ISP.
DNAT or Dynamic NAT� Using Dynamic Network Address Translation (DNAT) , the gateway has a pool of public IP addresses that it is free to assign to a local host whenever the local host makes a request to access the Internet. Large organizations that lease many public IP addresses use DNAT.

Which protocol below is used to make an initial connection between hosts for transferring multimedia data, relying on other protocols once a connection is established?


HTTP, IMAP4, FTP, and Telnet are all examples of protocols that operate at what layer of the OSI model??

Layer 7

What is the name for the protocol data unit (PDU) ?of the Data Link layer?


What command below can be used to display ?a complete summary of all network interfaces in a Windows computer?

ipconfig /all

?A ______________ consists of a host's IP address and the port number of an application running on a host, with a colon separating the two values.


Static electricity can cause what two types of damage in electronic components??

upset and catastrophic failure

At what layer of the OSI model do the IP, ICMP, and ARP protocols operate??


What utility is used to verify that TCP/IP installed, bound to the NIC, configured correctly, and communicating with the network??


After a problem and its symptoms have been identified, a theory regarding a probable cause should be established.?


The fundamental difference between a switch and a router is that a switch belongs only to its local network and a router belongs to two or more local networks.


What do the first 24 bits of a MAC address represent??

Organizationally Unique Identifier

Which of the following is not one of the disadvantages of peer-to-peer networks?

They centralize user account logins

What two mail delivery protocols below can be used by a client application to receive e-mail from a server??

IMAP4 and POP3

When two IPv6 nodes are on the same network, they are referred to as which of the following?


The centralized directory database that contains user account information and security for the entire group of computers in a Windows domain is called _______________

Active Directory

When using a Windows domain, what is the domain-level account for each user known as??

Global account

The IP addresses and are both examples of __________

APIPA Address

The device where a telecommunications service provider network ends and an organization's network begins is referred to as what option below?


A ___________ is a DNS client that requests information from DNS name servers.