Personal Financial Literacy Chapter 1


The job market is always changing to meet the needs of businesses as well as the changing demands of society.


Once you are hired for a job it is important to communicate commitment by taking continuing education courses and taking on additional responsibilities.


In consideration of the changing phases of business cycle it is impossible to prepare for a career that will consistent over the good and bad economic times.


A Scholarship is a type of financial aid granted to applicants based on abilities.


Careers that often pay the best and offer a greater amount of economic security have the basic requirement of a high school degree diploma.


Specific task you perform on the job, such as a teacher preparing a lesson plan or a machinist operating a machine are known as:

Hard skills

Typical college fees include each of the following EXCEPT:

Spring Break Fees

Which of the following career fields likely have the greatest chance of being labeled recession proof?


The down side of taking out a loan vs. receiving a grant, is that you be charged ____for the use of the loan.


Which of the aspects listed for consideration of a future career should be the least considered.


Systems of production and consumption in which economic decisions are guided by citizens and businesses.

Market Economy

When the economy is slowing down in the direction of a recession, which of the following is likely?

People often buy fewer goods and services.

The best financial advice would be to purchase late item such as homes and cars during which of phases given.


Employers are more likely to give raises and bonuses in which part of the business cycle?


The expense of instruction at a school is called


Which would be consider a soft skills of an accountant?

Communicating financial data to clients.

Teachers can acquire hard skills from each of the following, except

Working in a homeless shelter

Which of the following characteristic will set you apart from the job applicating applying for a teaching position

Willingness to moderate Student Council and Key Club

Examples of work study except

waitressing at a local restaurant

What is your best option offered for FAFSA assuming you qualify?

Pell Grant

Work Study

On campus jobs the decrease academic cost

Job Market

The wide variety of jobs available in the economy


Student financial aid application

Hard Skills

Skills acquired at work or school.

Soft Skills

Sills that are learned in life. leadership and teamwork.