Government Final Review Part 2

Propaganda is a technique used to:

influence people to adopt a particular belief

Attitudes held by a significant number of people concerning governmental and political questions are known as

public opinion

The impact of the mass media on the public agenda can be best described as its ability to:

focus on the public's attention on specific issues

Ways to participate in the decision making process in a current public policy issue may include:

1.) speaking at a governmental meeting 2.) forming a political action group 3.) picketing

In a closed primary

only declared party members may vote

Which form of mass media is now the principle source of political information for about 80 percent of the population of the United States?


Private individuals and companies decide what products to manufacture and which prices to charge for goods and services in a:

market economy

Which historic world event finally ended the United States' commitment to a policy of isolationism?

World War II

Ways in which Americans have influence abroad may include:

1.) military aid 2.) film 3.) humanitarian aid

The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) removed trade restrictions among:

U.S., Mexico, and Canada

Which of the following countries have used American principles and values as a model for their governmental structures?


A major feature of American foreign policy since World War II has been:


The United States offers foreign aid MOSTLY to:

support struggling democracies and countries that are critical to foreign policy objectives

The difference between a treaty and an executive agreement is that:

The President needs Senate approval for a treaty but not for an executive agreement

What are the stated purposes of the United Nations?

1.) to maintain international peace and security 2.) to develop friendly relations among nations 3.) to promote justice and cooperation

Five member nations hold the veto power in the United Nations:

U.N. Security Council

Undocumented aliens are those who enter the United States:

without following proper legal procedures

Government has the right to make reasonable rules regulating assemblies

to protect against the inciting of violence or the endangerment of life

The Free Exercise Clause gives people the right to

believe whatever they choose to believe in matters of religion

An immigrant who becomes a citizen through the legal process is a

naturalized citizen

What is a civic responsibility not a personal responsibility of a citizen?

holding office (a personal responsibility may be education, family, and employment)

If you want to influence government, you must be:

willing to work for a cause you believe in

For an arrest to be lawful, police must have either a warrant or

probable cause

Which of the following is NOT required of any adult who wishes to be naturalized?

an employable skill of profession

The process used to make residents, of a newly acquired U.S. territory, citizens of the United States is called:

collective naturalization

Which Court decision states that suspects must be told of their rights before being questioned by police?

Miranda v. Arizona

The position of citizen:

is the most important position in a democracy

Citizenship by birth is determined by the rules of:

of jus soli and jus sanguinis

A person may do as he or she chooses in the country:

as long as that person does not infringe on the rights of others

Which had received the most limited 1st Amendment protection?

radio and television

An inherent power Congress has to take private property for public use:

the power of Eminent Domain

The inclusion of two due process clauses in the Constitution reflects the fact that:

the Bill of Rights is for the National Government, and the 14th Amendment is for the States and their local government

Fulfilling the responsibilities of citizenship:

is voluntary

Laws against seditious speech have been upheld by the Supreme Court if they

urge people to overthrow the government

The duties of a citizen include all of the following:

1.) paying taxes 2.) defending the nation 3.) obeying the laws

Examples of contributing to the common good:

1.) working for a youth group 2.) recycling 3.) running for office

When analyzing the validity of evidence concerning an issue, what should be considered?

1.) credibility of the evidence 2.) inconsistencies 3.) bias

A way for citizens to actively participate for change:

picketing with a group

Governmental meetings at all levels usually include:

1.) Robert's rules of order 2.) a specified time for public input 3.) agenda items

Ways to persuade others to support your opinion on a public issue is to:

1.) purchase advertisements 2.) write a letter to the editor 3.) make a public speech

A candidate who supports, a strong national defense, a ban on abortion and overall downsizing of government is considered to be more:


What are all those things a government decides to do called?

Public Policy

When a citizen has a concern about his or her property taxes they may appeal to their local:

Zoning Board

Way to participate in politics to attain a change in policy that fulfills your individual interests.

1.) join a political party 2.) campaign on the behalf of a candidate 3.) give money to a PAC

A Democracy must have:

1.) a knowledgeable and competent citizenry 2.) free and secret ballot elections 3.) a constitution providing rule of law

When Rosa Parks reused to sit in the back of a bus, she participated in a form of:

civil disobedience

Examples of participating in the political process?

1.) voting 2.) picketing 3.) contacting public officials