CCTP Level 1 - Basic Care and Handling Section 1-3: Kennel Maintenance Exam

Which of the following jobs would not benefit from knowledge of Kennel Maintenance?


L.O.C.K. is an acronym for ___.

latches, other dogs and people, contact, kindness

Which of the following is the most ideal form of long-term housing for exercise and sunlight?

large outdoor kennel

When crate training a puppy, how often should the puppy be let out of the crate?

3-4 hours

A fomite is ___.

a surface

An example of a fomite would be:

the dog's water bowl

Which is the proper order for the 8 steps in cleaning?

remove dog, remove items, scrub, soak/disinfect, rinse, dry, add items, add dog

A "Quat" is the shortened nickname for ___.

quaternary ammonium

All surfaces should be rinsed a minimum of ___ times.


The best type of leash to use when transporting a dog is a ___ leash.


The proper position for a dog collar on the dog is ___.

at the top of the neck below where the skull and jaw connect to the neck

Which type of collar is not recommended for transporting a dog?

metal pinch or prong collar

Which of the following is not a purpose of keeping kennel records?

give the handler something to do when not working with dogs

What is the recommended bleach to water cleaning solution?

1 part bleach, 32 parts water

In the event that a dog fight breaks out when you are alone, what should you not do?

attempt to break the dogs apart