REL A 250 EXAM 2

Swaddling clothes

1. Rags (poor)
2. mothers wrapped children in swaddling clothes with symbols indicating their family history, genealogy, hopes for the child.

Where was jesus brought up?


What passage of scripture did the savior read to people at the synagogue of nazareth?

Isaiah 61

What two old testament stories did the savior tell

Elijah and the widow of Zarapath, Naaman the leper and Elisha.
Both stories of the gentiles following the prophets when Israel had rejected the prophets.

Where did the savior tell people that "no prophet is accepted in his own country?

Synagogue of Nazareth

what was the people's response to the Savior's words at the synagogue of nazareth?

They were wroth and tried to kill him. Jesus never returned to Nazareth after this.

Luke 5, what does the savior tell the apostles about fishing?

henceforth thou shalt catch men." They forsook all and followed him.

why did james and john want to burn down a samaritan village

the village wouldn't let christ stay there

what did christ say to james and john when they wanted to burn down a samaritan village? What happened next?

ye know not what manner spirit ye are of". They went to the next village.

two questions of the good samaritan

1. what shall I do to inherit eternal life?
2. who is my neighbor?

who was a neighbor according to jewish oral/traditional law?

A believing jew only

who is really our neighbor (according to christ in his parable of the good samaritan)?

all mankind, especially those not like us.

what story is the good samaritan similar to?

fall and redemption of mankind

Gospel of John

92% unique. written by a christian for a christian. emphasized the savior's divinity.

stories unique to John

nicodemus, woman at the well, bread of life sermon, raising lazarus from the dead, washing the apostles feet
No parables tho!

who was the embodiment of the law of moses, designed to prepare the way of the lord, and the outstanding aaronic priesthood bearer in all history?

John the Baptist

In how many dispensations did the ministry of john operate?


What does john say to andrew?

behold the lamb of god

jesus to andrew:

what seek ye?

nathaniel to philip:

can there anything good come out of nazareth?

jesus to simon:

thou shalt be called peter (cephas)

jesus to nathaniel:

behold an israelite indeed, in whom there is no guile!

what was the first of the savior's miracles?

water to wine

exchange between mary and jesus implies

previous experience (she knew he could because he had done miraculous things before)

What did mary say to the others about jesus turning water to wine?

Whatsoever he saith unto you, do it.

The story of the water to wine teaches us about

change! He can change people as well.

were there one or two temple cleansings

yes. there were 1 or 2 temple cleansings.

what's another reason why christ cleansed the temple?

because the moneychangers were most likely cheating those who came to the temple to worship

Nicodemus and Women at the well were put side by side by?


What is the woman at the well like?

Samaritan, sinner, comes in the day

What is nicodemus like

jewish male, religious leader, comes at night

What is baptism a symbol of what? What else happens at baptism

being reborn, christ becomes the father of your spiritual rebirth

Bread of life sermon is found where

john 6

Andrew bringing bread and fishes to the Lord is like:

The story of the brother of Jared
Us! He can touch our lives and multiply them.

After Jesus wouldn't give more free food and told the people that they needed to eat his flesh and blood, what happened?

They dipped and walked no more with him.

What did peter say about Christ's "will ye also go away?

To whom shall we go? We're staying with you.

Where is the feast of tabernacles found

John 7-9

what is the feast of tabernacles?

Huge event where people got together with their tents and and took water from the pool of Siloam and dumped it over an altar.

where is the story of the woman taken in adultery?

John 8

When jesus says "he who is without sin among you", what does that most likely mean (with greek translation)?

He who has not also committed adultery

Which gospel author wrote about the man that was blind from birth?

John (chapter 9)

who did sin, this man or his parents? what are they talking about here?

Premortal life

what does the man blind from birth say when questioned by the pharisees?

whether he be a sinner or no, I know not; one thing I know, I was blind, now I see.

What's a lesson that we can take from the story of the man born blind?

A person with an experience is never at the mercy of a person with an opinion.

Where and in which gospel author tells us about the Savior sweating great drops of blood

Luke 22:44

Where is the story of the good shepherd? (not the story of 99)

John 10
He knows them by name, they follow him because they know his voice
won't follow a stranger

what is the wolf like in the story of the good shepherd?

The law of justice. It goes for the sinners (us). The shepherd steps between us and the wolf. The shepherd's life (Jesus' life) is more valuable than the sheep's life, yet he sacrifices himself.

What is John 10:16 related to

Other sheep in the americas (3 nephi 15)

where can we read about lazarus raising from the dead?

John 11
Body had been dead 4 days
Some jews at the time believed that the spirit stayed around the body 3 days after death, so christ waited.
Jesus wept! Emotional.
Pharisees want to kill lazarus after... idiots

Spiritual lesson from John 11

never give up on people

where do we read about the conspiracy about lazarus

john 12

where do we read about the triumphant entry?

Luke 19

Conspiracy about lazarus can be likened unto us how?

Adversary wants to get rid of us. get on satan's most wanted list!

what does Hebrews 10:20 teach us about the temple

the veil is a symbol of Christ's body.
-the veil of the temple is torn at christ's death

Jesus is hearkened back to old testament traditions going back to ________ by riding in on a donkey and using palm fronds and whatnot


What do the people quote as jesus rides in?

Psalm 118; messianic psalm. blessed be the king that cometh in the name of the lord

what do the pharisees say to the people when jesus enters and what does jesus say back?

rebuke thy disciples! (idiots) Jesus says nope, the stones would cry out. then he weeps over the unbelief of the city of jerusalem, says that its destruction is coming

Matt 21; are there 1 or 2 temple cleansings

yes. there are 1 or 2 cleansings.

why do some believe that there are two temple cleansings?

because he uses different language;
synoptics: my house shall be called the house of prayer
John 2: make not my house a house a merchandise

where does jesus stay with frequently while visiting jerusalem?

Mary, martha, lazarus in bethany. walks to jerusalem every morning and evening.

tell me about the fig tree

hypocritical fig tree!
object lesson on hypocrisy and pharisees
takes resources, never giving back
he has the power to destroy

2 entrapment parables

parable of two sons (one went, one didn't)
parable of the wicked husbandmen (renters)
Pharisees knew they were talking about them

what is joseph smith matthew?

Joseph smith translation of the olivet discourse, chapter 24!

the abomination of desolation spoken of in JSM 24 is:

destruction of the temple in 70 CE. Christians fled to pella. portion of the temple (western/wailey wall) remains.
135 CE destroyed again? when rome destroyed jerusalem. 60000 jews killed, city plowed. however we mostly talk about the 70 CE one when we ta

two events of Matthew 24 (JSM)?

Abomination of Desolation, Second Coming

only place to find olivet discourse

Matthew 24/25

parable of the ten virgins

Jewish wedding festivities
virgins are members of the church
tarried=took longer than expected
They all slumbered. Wise had oil, foolish didn't
Buy for yourselves! you can't borrow light from someone else
"Afterward" -- they missed the whole wedding. This

Parable of the talents

don't be slothful!! fear is not an excuse

gave unto them according to their ability

Premortal life

5 to 10 and 2 to 4... same reward! what can we learn here

don't compare to others!

parable of sheep and goats

sheep = obedient
Goats = stubborn
inasmuch as ye have done it unto the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me

What does passover commemorate

10th plague of israel when the destroying angel passes over the houses with the blood
last supper = last passover. Savior changes passover into the sacrament, bread and water now represent him instead of the old stuff

The bread of life and woman at the well and miracles (manna from heaven, water to wine) are symbols that prep us for what

bread and wine! The sacrament.
2 deaths of the fall, physical and spiritual.
We overcome one with His body, one with his blood

Sacrament meeting is:

the most important meeting in the church.
do we see the sacrament as our passover?

the savior, before going up to the garden of gethsemane, sang what?

hallel psalms. In Mark 14: 26

Who added 5 more chapters to the last supper. Which chapters?

John 13-17

Servant leadership example is found in:

John 13. Washing of the feet. note that this is an ordinance! (D&C 88).

John 14 talks about

Phillip: lord, show us the father
Jesus: If you have seen me, you've seen the father
God was, in christ, manifesting to the world the kind of being that he (and our heavenly mother) is!

John 15

I am the vine!
If you're on the vine, you're fruit. Without me (disconnected from the vine), ye can do nothing

John 16

Woman in labor, but then has joy
Your sorrow will be turned into joy
I'll see you again

Great intercessory prayer

John 17

What does the Lord pray for in the Great intercessory prayer

that we can be one in him.

Where does the lord want us according to the great intercessory prayer

in heaven with him. he loves you and you're important.

what did joseph smith do in JSM 24?

Aligned signs with events

which verse has been taken out of the Bible in many cases? why?

Luke 22:44 - Savior sweating great drops of blood. because seen as not authentic

pilot took the cowards way out as a political leader. he did what the people wanted him to do by convicting Christ


What did pilot do before convicting an innocent man (christ)

wash his hands as a reversal of his sin

GBH quote about peter

recognizing his error, repenting of his weakness, he turned about and became a mighty voice in bearing witness of the risen Lord. He dedicated the remainder of his life to testifying of Jesus Christ.
-you are not defined by your mistakes

Was the savior commanding Peter to deny him thrice?

no, not enough evidence. but we don't know peter's motive

Isaiah prophesied that the savior would "see his seed and his days would be prolonged". what event in the savior's life did we tie that prophecy to?

the garden of gethsemane

Who was the Savior taken to in the trial?

4 men: taken to Caiaphas the high priest, Anas, Pilot, Herod

where else in scripture, besides the 4 gospels, do we learn about the savior giving a first hand account of his experience in gethsemane?

D&C 19

What scripture story is similar to the man born blind staying true to his experience and then receiving more from the savior?

Moses 1