Ego defense mechanisms


disabled boy is unable to participate in football, so he COMPENSATES by being a great scholar


woman drinks alcohol everyday, cannot stop, and does not acknowledge she has a problem


a client is angry at his doctor and does not express it but becomes verbally abusive with the nurse


teenager who required lengthy rehabilitation after an accident decides to become a physical therapist as a result of his experiences


she hides her anxiety about moving by explaining to her parents the advantages of the move


Children integrate their parents' value system into the process of conscience formation. A child says to a friend, "Don't cheat. It's wrong.


a young woman describes being attacked and raped without showing any emotion


sue feels a strong sexual attraction to her track coach and tells her friend, "He's coming on to me!


John says, "I drink because it is the only way I can deal with my bad marriage and my worse job.

reaction formation

jane hates nursing. she attended nursing school to please her parents. during career day, she speaks to prospective students about the excellence of nursing


when 2 year old is hospitalized, he will drink from a bottle, even though his mom says he was been drinking from a cup for 6 months


a trauma victim is unable to remember anything about the event


a mom whose son was killed by a drunk driver channels her anger by being the president of mothers against drunk drivers


Scarlett O'Hara says, "I don't want to think about that now. I'll think about that tomorrow.


Joe is nervous about his new job and yells at his wife. On his way home he stops and buys her some flowers.