Milady Chapter 9


The natural nail is part of what system?


The water content of the natural nail directly affects the Nail's:

nail plate

The most visible and functional part of the nail unit is the:


The nail plate is constructed of _____ layers of nail cells

free edge

The part of the nail plate that extends over the tip of the finger or toe

nail bed

The portion of living skin that supports the nail plate

bed epithelium

The nail bed contains many nerves and is attached to the nail plate with a thin layer of tissue called the:


The area of the nail where the nail plate cells are formed


The dead, colorless tissue attached to the natural nail plate


The living skin at the base of the nail plate covering the matrix area


The slightly thickened layer of skin that lies between the fingertip and the free edge of the natural nail plate


The tough band of fibrous tissue that connects bones or holds an organ in place


Normal, healthy nails grow in a variety of shapes, depending upon the shape of the:

1/10 inch per month

The average rate of nail growth in the normal human adult

natural nail

Also known as the onyx, composed mainly of keratin

lateral nail fold

Fold of skin overlapping the side of the nail


Visible part of the matrix that extends from underneath the living skin

nail grooves

The slits or furrows on the sidewall of the nail

4 to 6

If lost, the fingernail takes ____ to ____ months to replace


In which season does the nail grow fastest?


The appearance of the nails can reflect the general _______ of the body


The keratin in natural nails is _______ than the keratin in hair


Toenails are thicker and harder that fingernails because the toenail matrix is:

15 and 25

The water content of the nail is between ____ and ____ percent

nail bed

The blood vessels that provide nourishment for growth of the nail are found in the:

middle finger

The nail that grows fastest


The nail that grows slowest

9 to 12

If lost, the toenail takes ____ to ____ months to replace


The tissue bordering the sides of the fingernail or toenail


A healthy nail is _________ in appearance