Com Chapter 1 Quiz

interpersonal communication

the exchange of thoughts, feelings, and beliefs between two or more people

face-to-face communication

Situations in which the participants who are physically or bodily present speak directly to one another during the interaction.

interpersonal needs theory

This theory simply stated says that our motivation for communication is based on the needs for affection, inclusion and control

Abraham Maslow Proposal

we communicate to meet needs which are
-self actualization
-love and belonging

Principle 1

we cannot NOT communicate

Principle 2

Interpersonal communication is irreversible

Principle 3

involves ethical choices

Principle 4

people construct meanings in personal communication

Principle 5

Metacommunication affects meanings

Principle 6

develops and sustains relationships

Principle 7

interpersonal communication is not a panacca

Principle 8

Interpersonal communication effectiveness can be learned


happens between people who want to engage with each other

Personal Knowledge

each relationship has its own patterns, rhythms, and vocabulary
(feel safe and comfortable)

meaning creating

attaching meaning to words we exchange

linear models

A one-way process, in which one person acts on another
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