Physics Test 1

equal to its weight

The net force on any object in equilibrium js

Friction force

The force that acts opposite the direction of which an object is moving due to irregularities of the surface it sits on is a

magnitude and direction

A force is a vector quantity because it has


The effect of two or more vectors is a


The last digit of any measurement is

Francis Bacon & Galileo Galilei

Two people who are credited with creating the scientific method

gaining, organizing, and applying new knowledge

The scientific method is most effective in

Scientific Theory

The synthesis of a large collection of information that contains well-tested a verified hypothesis about certain aspects of the world is known


The scientist who accurately measured the circumference of Earth

candela (cd)

light intensity

kilogram (kg)


Kelvin (K)


meter (m)


Ampere (A)

electric current

Second (S)


mole (mol)

amount of substance

It is written clear and in simple language, it is testable, it is an educated guess

A good hypothesis

educated guess


Francis Bacon

English philosopher; scientific method

Italian physicist; scientific method

Galileo Galilei


method of answering theoretical questions


A method of solving practical problems using knowledge of science; has to do with creating tools, techniques, and procedure based on science knowledge


First suggested that Earth spins in its axis once a day and that the Earth moves around the sun


The force needed to accelerate 1 kilogram at 1 meter per second


The amount of work done by a force of 1 newton acting over a distance of 1 meter


Meter or feet squared


Meter or feet cubed

Newton's 1st Law

Object is moving and will continue or is at rest

Newton's 2nd Law

A force is being applied or acceleration

Newton's 3rd Law

A pair of force equal and opposite force


A quantity that has magnitude and direction; quantity where direction is an intrinsic part of the value (example: force; velocity)


Quantity having only magnitude (example: temperature; speed; light intensity)