quiz 1 and 2

functions of management are

planning, organizing, controlling what are other two?
leading innovating

management is getting work done through machines, AI, or people


what are the kinds of roles that managers have at top, middle, and team leaders

cogntitive at the top. a balance of interpersonal, technical,and cognitive in the middle, largely technical skills front line, interpersonal for teams

the skill need most by chiefs

ability to forsee the future and position the organization there so it can be successful

what are the functions of management

planning, organizing, leading, innovating, controlling

what is the one that ive added that i think is really important

develop vaccine

MGMT was unknown before 1776 T/F?


Father of Scientific management

Fred Taylor

What does "scientific" mean

observe take records test out stuff, try to find one best way

What is a Gantt Chart?

a way of organizing- putting it in a sequence thats going to work

What's good about Weber's Bureaucratic management?

no cronyism we look a qualifications there are rules and procedures

Human relations management�what's new?[hint: getting things done through______!]


Operations management: Who began manufacturing standardized, interchangeable parts?

Eli Whitney

Who used just-in-time inventory systems before the Japanese?

oldsmobile motor work

Paper & printing revolutionized business information. What came next?

Quill pens to Typewriters

What are the two core concepts of Systems Management

synergy and open&closed systems

Contingency management means?

there are no universal perfect management theories therefore effective management theory depends on context & understanding the problems managers are facing at a particular time and place