Chapter 5- Production and Operations Management

_____ is used to rank a company's products to determine which products represent the best use of the firm's resources, or perhaps, to determine which products are to be eliminated

Product-by-value analysis

According to PCN analysis, which process region includes process steps in which one participant is acting on another participant's resources, such as their information, materials, or technologies?

surrogate interaction

The role of decision trees in product design is to:

calculate the expected value of each course of action

The document for production that gives the instruction to make a given quantity of a particular item, usually to a given schedule, is a(n):

work order

What is the use of information technology to control machinery?



all of the above:
determines satisfaction of customer
translates customer desires into the target design
is used early in the design process
is used to determine where to deploy quality efforts

At which stage of the product life cycle is product strategy likely to focus on improved cost control?


What type of analysis focuses on the ways in which processes can be designed to optimize interaction between firms and their customers?


The Japanese method of organizing for product design features:

a single organization without subdivision or individual teams

Operations managers must be able to anticipate changes in what?

all of the above:
product mix
product opportunities
the products themselves
product volume

Bridget's Hamburger Stand uses only 7 ingredients but offers 15 different burgers. This process is known as __________.

modular design

What is TRUE regarding value engineering?

Value engineering is oriented toward improvement of design

Boeing's 737 airplane and Hewlett-Packard's printer business are examples of using enhancements and migrations of existing products to build on a(n) ________.

product platform

A product's life cycle is divided into four stages, which are:

introduction, growth, maturity, and decline

The dimensions,tolerances,materials, and finishes of a component are typically shown on a(n):

engineering drawing

In which stage of the product life cycle should product strategy focus on process modifications as the product is being "fine-tuned" for the market?


What shows in schematic form how a product is assembled?

an assembly chart

A process sheet is a type of:

route sheet

A restaurant kitchen contains a wall poster that shows, for each sandwich on the menu, a sketch of the ingredients and how they are arranged to make the sandwich. This is an example of a(n):

assembly drawing

The analysis tool that lists products in descending order of their individual dollar contribution to the firm is:

decision tree analysis

When should product strategy focus on forecasting capacity requirements?

at the growth stage of the product life cycle

What identifies components by a coding scheme that specifies size, shape, and the type of processing (such as size)?

group technology

What technology "builds" products by laying down successive thin layers of plastic, metal, glass, or ceramics?

3-D printing

What is TRUE regarding computer-aided design (CAD)?

It is the use of computers to interactively design products and prepare engineering documentation

What statement regarding Regal Marine is TRUE?

all of the above are true:
Product design is a critical decision
Regal uses a 3-D CAD system to shorten product development
Regal still uses some wooden parts and hand-produces some components
Regal's use of CAD has resulted in a superior product