Parallelogram -> distance 4x

Opposite sides are parallel and congruent, diagonals bisect each other, one pair of opposite sides are both parallel and congruent, opposite angles are congruent, consecutive angles are supplementary, diagonals create alternate interior angles and 2 congruent triangles.

Rectangle -> distance 4x AND slope 2x

Has all priorities of a parallelogram, 4 right angles, congruent diagonals.

Rhombus -> distance 4x

all sides are congruent, multiple choice properties: diagonals are perpendicular bisectors, diagonals bisect the angles.

Square -> distance 4x AND slope 2x

4 congruent sides and 4 right angles, diagonals congruent and perpendicular, diagonals bisect each other and it's angles.

Trapezoid -> slope 4x

Bases are parallel(same slopes), legs are NOT parallel (different slopes).

isosceles trapezoid -> slope 4x AND distance 2x

Diagonals are congruent, 2 congruent base angles, 2 congruent sides.