Chapter 6 Vocabulary

Arithmetic sequence

A sequence generated by the same constant or common difference being added onto the previous terms

Arithmetic series

The sum of terms in an arithmetic sequence

Common difference

The constant difference between consecutive term in arithmetic progression

Common ratio

The constant multiplier used to form each consecutive term in a geometric series

Convergent series

The sum of series tend towards a specific value as the number of terms in the series increases

General formula for the nth term

Denoted by the Un. By substituting values for n the general terms become a specific term

Geometric sequence

A sequence in which the next term is always formed by multiplying the previous term by the same constant. Sometimes called a geometric progression

Geometric series

The sum of terms of a geometric sequence

Number sequence

A pattern of numbers arranged in a particular order according to a rule


In a recursive formula, the value of a term depends on the value of the previous term


The sum of the new terms in a sequence

Sigma Notation

Notation used to express a sum