Lab Animal Management Final

what are the 5 components of Lab Animal Science?

1. Animal Experimentation
2. Lab Animal Care
3. Lab Animal Medicine
4. Comparative Medicine
5. Lab Animal Science

Describe animal experimentation.

The scientific study, usually in a lab, of animals for the purpose of gaining knew biological knowledge or solving specific medical, dental, and/or veterinary problems

Describe lab animal care.

The application of veterinary medicine and animal science to the acquisition or animals and to their management, nutrition, breeding, and diseases

Describe lab animal medicine.

An AVMA recognized specialization that is concerned with the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of diseases in animals used as subjects in biomedical research.
This also encompasses efforts to minimize pain and discomfort in animals and the complicating

Describe comparative medicine.

The study of the nature, case, and cure of all abnormal structures and functions in humans, animals, and plants with the goal of applying it to all living things for their benefit.

Describe lab animal science.

The body of scientific and technical information, knowledge, and skills that bears on both lab animal care and medicine.
This is roughly analogous to the field of animal science in agriculture.

Who is considered the father of medicine?


Who is considered the founder of biology?


Who conducted the first experiments on living animals?


When were the foundations for modern medicine and experimentation laid?

Middle Ages

Who founded experimental physiology?

Claude Bernard

Who is best know for creating the study of infectious diseases?

Louis Pasteur

What major medical advances occurred in the 19th century?

creation of vaccines, anesthetics, surgical techniques, and aseptic techniques to prevent infection

What major medical advances occurred in the 20th century?

Immunology, pharmacology, chemistry, radiology, genetics, technology in general, and molecular biology

when did modern lab animal science begin?


What is the importance of animal research?

it is one of the fundamental approaches to the scientific method in biological and medical research and education

Who discovered insulin and how, when and where did they do it?

- Dr. Frederick Banting and Prof John Macleod
- Used dogs, cattle, and themselves
- 1920-21
- In Canada

Who created the birth control pill and how, when, and where did they do it?

- Dr. Gregory Pincus and Dr. Min Chueh
- 1960
- Using rabbits
- in the US

Who invented in vitro fertilization and how, when, and where did they do it?

- Dr. Robert Edwards and Patrick Steptoe
- Using mice
- 1950s-78
- in US

what is FBR and what is its prupose?

Foundation for Biomedical Research
They aim to improve human and veterinary medicine by promoting public understanding and support for responsible and humane animal research

What is AALAS?

American Association for Laboratory Animal Science
a professionals group