SOC ch. 14

People who study changes in population, including the size of populations and their composition, are mainly studying


Select all that apply. Which of the following statements regarding birth rate are true?

Birth rate varies over time and place.
Population dynamics plays a primary role in birth rate.

The crude death rate is a measure of the

Number of deaths per 1,000 people in a population in a given year

The process of leaving a particular population group is called


The most defining characteristic of global population dynamics over the past 100 years is

Explosive growth

This statistical study a population dynamics is known as


In An Essay on the Principal of Population, Thomas Malthus said that population numbers are ultimately determined by

Battles over a limited amount of resources

What is the primary means by which a population replaces its members from one generation to the next?


The number of deaths among infants less than one year old per 1000 births is known as a societies

Infant mortality rate

The process of joining a new population group is called


Pre-industrial societies are primarily

Agricultural, and their survival depends on food production

Throughout much of human history, global population levels

Were relatively stable

According to Malthus, the inevitable result of population explosion was

Crisis and death

Which of the following terms refers to disease or illness that is understood only in its specific social contexts?

Cultural bound syndrome

Select all that apply. Preindustrial societies have high birthrates because they

Also have high death rates and need to sustain the population.
Need more children to service agricultural workers.

Which of the following statements about the relationship between culture and health is true?

Diseases and disorders are rooted in the shared meanings of particular cultures

Social order is paramount and illness is a threat to normal society according to which perspective?


When we convert more areas of life into medical conditions we are

Placing more power in the hands of professionals

Which of the following is not a true statement?

Internet research on health by patients has done little to change the relationship between patients and their doctors

The incidence of death in a given population is the society's ______ rate.


Social attitudes about illness and its place in society can be especially problematic for

People with chronic health problems

Select all that apply. in the United States people with better health and access to health care tend to have

More education.
Higher incomes.

Minority groups tend to have poorer health because they more frequently experience

Poor economic prospects

Converting new areas of social life into treatable medical conditions is known as


Select all that apply. Which of the following are positive activities some patients engage in for healthcare purposes?

Consulting websites for preventive health information.
Attempting to maintain a nutritious diet.
Monitoring the side effects of medications.

The morbidity rate refers to the incident of _______ in a given population.


Some say the medical establishment is sexist against women because

Women have often been excluded from research studies

Select all that apply. Which of the following contribute to the link between social class and health?

Living conditions.
Levels of stress.

Compared to white populations in the United States, African-Americans and other minority groups have

Hi morbidity and mortality rates

Compared to younger Americans under the age of 25, Americans older than 75 are much more likely to

Use the services of medical professionals.

Patient noncompliance with doctors (for instants, by not using prescription medicines as directed) results in part from the prevalence of ______ in our society


Women's greater longevity compared with men's results from their lower rates for all of the following except

Doctor visits

Who regulated the medical industry in the United States for 1848?

No institution or organization

Select all that apply. And the United States, what health issues affects older people more than they affect other groups?

Impaired vision

What does Medicaid provide?

No cost health insurance for the poor

Select all that apply. In holistic medicine, the healthcare practitioner considers not only physical characteristics but also which of the following characteristics?


The American medical Association change the practice of medicine by

Standardizing licensing and practices

Human ecology is concerned with the

Interrelationship between people and their environment

What is the overriding concern of the elderly?


The US government first gave substantial federal aid to healthcare while recognizing medicine as a social institution in the ________ century


When people from industrialized countries insist that those in developing countries change their practices to save the planet, the people from industrialized countries are not considering all perspectives in the matter and practicing


Which of the following statements about holistic medicine is true?

It has become more widely excepted and studied

Select all that apply. According to human ecology, the environment provides us with

Resources essential for life.
A place to work, live, and play.
A place to deposit all our waste.

Environmental justice is a legal strategy

Based on claims that minorities are exposed to more environmental hazards than other members of society.

Analyzing environmental issues from a(n) ________ approach allows us to better understand the global consequences of differential access to resources

World systems

Select all that apply. Which of the following are possible explanations for the fact that a large portion of the people who live near hazardous waste sites are minorities?

They have less power to prevent the placement of such sites where they live.
Economics and discrimination force them into living in less desirable areas.

Which of the following statements about air pollution is true?

Urban air pollution is caused primarily by emissions from automobiles

Which of the following is a significant source of water pollution?

Industrial waste

Select all that apply. Which of the following are associated with air pollution?

Eye irritation.
Lung cancer

Which of the following has led to significant pollution emissions?

Increased manufacturing

Polluted bodies of water

Affect entire natural ecosystems

Select all that apply. The negative affects of globalization can be seen and which of the following?

Polluting companies relocate to countries with less stringent environmental standards.
Multinationals exploit the resources of developing countries for short term profit.

Which statement about climate change is true?

During the time that records have been kept, the average temperature of the world seems to have increased since 1855.

The positive effect of globalization can be seen in which of the following areas?

Multinational corporation's incentive to consider the cost of natural resources

Select all that apply. Which of the following factors are generally blamed for the global environment crisis?

World population growth.
Increasing use of technological innovations such as plastics and chemical fertilizers.