Short Story Unit, Dead Man's Pocket

Why does Tom decide not to go to the movies with Clare?

Tom wants to work; wants to get a promotion

What happens to the yellow sheet of paper? What does Tom plan to do about it? Why?

Yellow sheet of paper flys out the window; Tom plans to climb on the ledge 11 stories high because it has a years worth of work on it leading to a promotion at work

At what moment does Tom's adventure change from risky to terrifying?

When Tom looks down at Lexington Ave. he starts to lose his balance

What is the revelation Tom has when looking into his living room?

He might not ever get to enjoy the comfort of his home again

What happens to the yellow sheet of paper at the end of the story?

It flies out the window again and he doesn't care this time

What do you learn about Tom from his decision not to go with Clare?

tom works too much and is selfish , all tom cares about is work and his promotion

What does the yellow piece of paper represent to Tom? How might his feelings about the paper have influenced his decision to retrieve it?

paper represents a better life for Tom and Clare, paper forces Tom to act on a compulsion the paper is his "life

Before his revelation, Tom thinks, contents of the dead man's pocket, a wasted life. Why might he feel this way?

no one will be able to identify Tom, the only thing on him is a yellow sheet of paperssomething no one will know / understand

Why do you think Tom reacts as he does when he sees the yellow sheet of paper at the end of the story?

Tom does not care because he sees the importance of small thing in life