NB Quiz Test 2

Scotland and England

The act of union united these two nations

Continental system

Napoleon's plan to ruin england's Economy

Maximilian Robespierre

He led the reign of terror

Old regime

The pre-revolutionary social and economic system of France was called


Supporters of the king during the puritan revolution were known as


Wrote leviathan. He supported the rule of absolute monarchs

MS river

The western border of the new united states following the American revolution

George Washington

Military leader of the American colonies

George 111

King of England during the American Revolution


The moderate revolutionaries in the French National Assembly

The directory

The government in France that followed the reign of terror and was dominated mostly by the wealthy middle class was called


He wrote spirit of the law and supported the idea of a separation of powers

Thomas Jefferson

The major author of the American Declaration of Independence

Napoleanic Code

Napoleon's longest lasting contribution to European civilization


French nobility who fled the Revolution

Act of settlement

English law which stated that only an Anglican (or at least a Protestant) could be king of England

George 1

The first king of the Hanover dynasty

Charles 11

The merry monarch

Robert Walpole

The "father" of the office of the prime minister in England


The last major battle of the American revolution

Battle of Saratoga

The battle that convinced the French to come to the aid of the American revolutionaries

Charles 11

His rule was also called the restoration

Committee of public safety

Organization that carried out the reign of terror


He was lord protector of england

Test act

Law that barred Catholics from high public office

Bloodiess revolution

Another name for the glorious revolution


Napoleon's last defeat

Harrattic nelson

He was victorious at Trafalgar

Bill of rights

The first ten amendments to the American constitution are kn own as what


Napoleon escaped from this island to rule for another 100 days

July 14, 1789

French Independence Day is celebrated on what day

The storming of bastille

What happened on July 14, 1789?


The toleration act granted religious freedom to most Christian groups except this one

French Revolution


Puritan revolution

English civil war

Puritan revolution

Stuart dynasty

Puritan revolution

New model army

French revolution

Reign of terror

American revolution


Puritan revolution


Puritan revolution

Charles 11

French revolution

Louis XV1

American revolution

George 111

Louis XVI

Known as the sun king (French)

Maria Theresa

Austrian ruler who fought the war of Austrian succession


Ruling family of the Holy Roman Empire


Ruling family of russia

Peter the great

Ruler who built St. Petersburg

Catherine the great

Ruler who expanded Russia into Poland

Cardinal Richelieu

The real power behind the French throne during the reign of Louis XIII

Pragmatic sanction

Document that was supposed to protect Maria Theresa


The ruling family of England during the 17th century

John Locke

English philosopher who believed in the idea of natural rights

James I

First Stuart monarch

King Louis XVI

King of France as the revolution began

Habeas corpus

Latin law term meaning "present the body


The radical revolutionaries in the French National Assembly

Charles I

English king beheaded as a result of the Puritan revolution


Napoleon's first government was called this


Austrian capital where the allied nations met to restructure Europe after napoleon

Queen Anne

Last Stuart monarch

Fredrick William III










St Helen

Napoleon's last place of exile

Mary II and William III

Asked by parliament to take the throne away from James II


Ruled France during the minority of Louis XIV