Hamlet and the Lion King

Similarities between Hamlet and Simba

Both princes are sent away.
Both princes end up fighting their uncles.
Both princes must overcome a moral strugle

Differences between Hamlet and Simba

Simba and Hamlet are different ages.
Simba's story is happier because it's for children.
Simba lives happily ever after.
Simba receives moral guidance.

Gertrude and Sarabi Similarities

Mothers of the main characters
Both loved their sons deeply

Gertrude and Sarabi Differences

Hamlet's mother gets remarried.
Gertrude dies.
Sarabi is supportive.

King Hamlet and Mufasa Similarites

The ghost of the deceased King's figure visit Hamlet/Simba and encourages them to set things right.
Both of their fathers reappear as ghosts.
Both die.

King Hamlet and Mufasa Differences

Mufasa dies earlier in Simba's life, King Hamlet dies when Hamlet is 30 years old .
Mufasa's personality is portrayed more in-depth, while King Hamlet was just kind-of there.
King Hamlet died by poison in the ear while Mufasa dies by being trampled by wil

King Claudius and Scar Similarities

Antagonist- Villain
The Uncles of the main character kill the King.
Claudius and Scar tries to have Hamlet/Simba killed.
Wants power and the throne to their kingdom.

King Claudius and Scar Differences

Scar is portrayed as having a jealous side.
King Claudius marries Gertrude.
Scar didn't kill Mufasa, he just ordered a stampede by his servants while King Claudius actually poisoned his brother

Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are similar to Timon and Pumbaa because

In the Lion King, Simba develops close friendships with the ever-entertaining Timon and Pumbaa.
They are there for him during a time in his life where he has no one, and they teach him how to enjoy life.

Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are different to Timon and Pumbaa because

Rosencrantz and Guildenstern become friends since Hamlet was young, unlike in The Lion King when Simba is a bit older when he meets them.
Timon and Pumbaa are there when Simba defeats Scar.

Ophelia and Nala Similarities

They have a love interest when they're young.
They both care a lot about their male counterpart and want him to be safe.

Ophelia and Nala Differences

Ophelia has an insane brother who is very overprotective of her.
Nala's father does not die.
Ophelia does not bring Hamlet back like Nala does with Simba.

Differences between Hamlet and The Lion King

Most of the characters in "Hamlet" die.
The number of supporting characters differs.
And of course, the species involved are different.

theme of revenge

Shakespeare shows that revenge is never the answer. Hamlet wanted to seek revenge for King Hamlet's death, but it ended up consuming him.