Medical Quiz 2

organism, system, organ, tissue, cellular, molecular

What is the order from the most complex to the simplest

integumentary system

Protection from environmental hazards is a function of the ________ system

urinary system

Elimination of excess water, salt and waste products are functions of the ______ system

Cellular level

What is the smallest living level of organization

endocrine system

Directing long-term changes in the activities of other organ systems is the major function of the ______ system

lymphatic system

Which organ system functions in defense against infection and disease

Directs long-term responses to change

In general, the nervous system does each of the following except


Which organ system provide support, protection of soft tissue, mineral storage, and blood formation

respiratory system

Which organ system removes carbon dioxide from the blood stream

chemical level

To what level of organization does a protein belong

Which one of the following is not a characteristic of the endocrine system

It produces a more rapid response than the nervous system


Gas exchange is to the respiratory system as absorption of nutrients is to the _______ system


The four major tissue types include each of the following except


Which organ system transports nutrients metabolic waste gases and cells