Abeka America Land I Love Test 11 (Grade8)


In what city was a wall built that became a reminder of the failure of Communism?


When was the Cuban Missile Crisis?


When was the Vietnam War?

24th Amendment

What banned all poll taxes?

Henry Kissinger

Who was the national security advisor that insisted on a policy of d�tente with the Soviet Union?


What country captured the Sinai Peninsula in the Six-Day War?

John Dewy

Who was the Father of Progressive Education?


What year was President Kennedy assassinated?

St. Lawrence Seaway

What seaway opened the Great Lakes region to ocean shipping?

Great Britain

From what country did Egypt seize the Suez Canal?

Levitt & Sons

What company introduced mass production of low- cost housing with a community of homes on Long Island?

Jackie Robinson

Who was the first black major-league baseball player?

Explorer 1

What was the first satellite the United States launched?

Roe v. Wade

What court decision legalized abortion in the United States?

capital punishment

What is the execution of those guilty of murder?

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Who organized a campaign for the civil rights movement?

Madalyn Murray O'Hair

Who used her son to protest daily Bible reading and prayer in the public school?


What organization was founded to bring the United States into the Space Age with private research?

Jackie Kennedy

Which first lady redecorated the White House and encouraged the restoration of historic buildings?

Fair Housing Act

What act prohibited discrimination in renting or selling houses?

Watergate Affair

What incident involved a break-in of the Democratic National Headquarters during the 1972 election campaign?

John F Kennedy

Who was President during the Bay of Pigs incident?

Gerald Ford

Who was President during the US bicentennial celebration?

Dwight D Eisenhower

Who was President during the beginning construction of the Interstate Highway System

Richard Nixon

Who was the first President to resign from office?

Richard Nixon

Who was the President that negotiated a cease fire for the Vietnam War?

James Carter

Who was the President that negotiated the surrender of the Panama Canal Zone?

Lyndon B. Johnson

Who was the President with the welfare program called Great Society?

John F. Kennedy

Who was the President with the welfare program called New Frontier?

Conservatives believe that the government should protect; the liberals believe that the government should control.

What is the main difference between a conservative and liberal?

Discussion was made to stop nuclear arms, but the Soviet Union had no real intention of completely stopping.

What was he result of the Geneva Summit?

Printed money was increased.

How did the government try to cover the debt after the Vietnam War?

The televised debates portrayed Kennedy as more capable.

What was the greatest influence on John F. Kennedy's win in the 1960 presidential election?

Rosa Parks

Who was arrested for sitting at the front of the bus?

Leonid Brezhnev

Who was the Soviet leader who agreed to the SALT1 treaty in 1972?

Alliance for Progress

What was established to encourage democracy and investment in Latin America?

Hawaii and Alaska

What were the last two states to be admitted to the United States?

Trans-Alaska Pipeline

As a response to the Arab oil embargo, what did America build?

GI Bill of Rights

What allowed veterans to have a low-interest government loan to buy a house or to pay for college intuition?

Gulf of Tonkin

In what gulf did the North Vietnamese navy allegedly attack American ships?


In what year did Neil Armstrong first walk on the moon?


In 1959 Fidel Castro took control over what country?

Israel and Egypt

What two countries negotiated peace at the Camp David Peace Accords?

Viet Cong

Who were Communist guerrillas that terrorized innocent South Vietnamese?

Alger Hiss

Who was a soviet spy?

Jim Elliot

Who was a missionary martyr?

Thurgood Marshal

Who was the first black associate justice of the Supreme Court?

James Meredith

Who was a college student protected my troops sent by President Kennedy?

John Glenn

Who was the first American to orbit the earth?

Jonas Salk

Who developed the polio vaccine?

Alan B. Shepard

Who was the first American to fly in space?

Lee Harvey Oswald

Who assassinated President Kennedy?

Brazil, Tierra del Fuego, Colombia, Falkland Islands, Guiana Highlands, and Amazon River.

Be able to label on a map of South America.

1) The Eisenhower Doctrine gave the President the power to use force, if necessary, against Communist aggression in the Middle East.
2) With the Eisenhower Doctrine, the United States was able to prevent a Soviet Union take over in Lebanon.
3) The Eisenho

Relate how the Eisenhower Doctrine could have affected the Vietnam War. Include the main principle of the policy and what it accomplished in the Middle East.