PY 212

Researchers agree that autism is caused by___________________ usually due to _____________________

abnormal brain function, genetic or prenatal environmental causes

Researchers believe the deviant growth pattern of the __________________leads to deficits in emotion processing and social interaction in children with autism.


Despite other cognitive deficiencies, children with autism are often skilled at understanding false belied and at attributing mental stated of others.


Children with autism engage is less make-believe play than other children.


Early symptoms of autism that parents often notive in their children are _______________.

delays in language learning and lack of social interaction.

If the students who victimize Kayla and Betsy fall into the popular-antisocial caregory of peer acce.... these bullies will likely become __________

less well-liked by there peers.

Research supports Kayla's assertion that most bullies are boys.


The best way to ruduce bullying is to ________________

promote prosocial attitudes and behaviors in youth environments.

Reserch shows that, like Kayla, most gay, lesbian, and bisexual youths have experineced verbal abus...

True (80% sure)

Compared to African-American and Hispanic girls, Caucasian girls are ____________________ likely to have internalized the cultural ideal of a thin female body.


In the video, Falynn describes how, during sixth and seventh grades, she gained weight as a result of excessive eating. In view of Falynn's account, it is possible that she suffered from _____________ at the time.

binge-eating disorder

Adolescents-especially girls concerned about their weight-tend to be attracted to fad diet, which are usually nutritionally sufficient for fast-growing, active teenagers.


Disturbed eating is highest in _______________________societies is spreading to other parts of the world.


Young people with anorexia usually feel depressed and guilty about their abnormal eating habits, so they are usually easier to treat then individuals with bulimia.


As a result of their close, cross-race friendship Sarah and Mari are less likely to hols subtle, unintentional prejudices.


Sef-disclosure ___________________ over the abolescent years.


Mari and Sarah most likely get together to ____________________

just talk.

Which of the following statements about sex differences in friendships is true?

Girls' friends typically focus on communal concerns.

Girls' closest same-sex friendships tend to be longer duration than boys'.


Dana mentions that nursing requires empathy , which is defined as ________________________

feeling with another person and responding emotionally in a similar way.

_____________________ play(s) a key role in occupational sex differences.

Gender-stereotyped messages

Men who enter careers dominated by women tend to be more ___________________________ than men in other careers.

interested in working with people

Most men in female-dominated careers report that they do not feel socially accepted by their coworkers.


Men in female-dominated careers often emphasize their job's technical requirements around other men in an effort to reduce their job's feminine image.


Casey is most likely to advance her epistemic cognition if she _____________________

encounters to her perspective.

Casey would likely have experienced more cognitive growth is she had attended a college that focused heavily on academics while largely eliminating extracurricular activities.


Casey has chosen to work in the field of gerontology and is experimenting before she settles on a single occupation within her field, Casey is likely in the _____________ period of vocational development.


Which of the following has contributed to eerging adulthood?

Delays in financial independence and career commitment

Large weight gain and loss of muscle power are inevitable in midlife.


Of the following, which is a healthy way for Janet to manage the stresses of physical aging?

She can focus on strategies for manageable physical charges

To combat fear of "getting old" Janet focuses on aspects of aging that she can control through diet and exercise. She engages in __________ coping.


Janet's optimistic hardiness is likely to result in ___________________

health-promoting behaviors.23

Stepfather like George, who have biological children of their own, tend to _____________

establish positive bonds with stepchildren, especially stepsons

Midlifers seem to adjust ______________ easily than younger people following a divorce.


Finding a new partner contributes most to the psychological well-being of divorced adults, but it is more crucial for ____________, who adjust poorly to living on their own.


Establishing stepparent-stepchild bonds is challenging, contributing to a higher divorce rate for remarried couples with stepchildren than for those without them.


More is known about long-term adjustment following divorce among middle-aged women, who are less likely than men....


Like Judy, most people experience a drawn-out death.


When July learned that she was terminally ill, she continued with, her errands and resolved not to tell anyone. Initiallym Judy was most likely coping with dying through ____________________--


Hospice _____________________________

is affordable for most dying patients

Palliative care focuses on __________________

treating the patient's symptoms.

Heart disease is the top non-cancer diagnosis in the US.