More than a contact, this creates family bonds


Condition of human nature after the fall

Original sin

Descendants of the Maccabees who ruled in Judea after the ousting of the last of the Syrians in 141 BC

Nasmonean dynasty

The people of Israel who disappeared after being captured and exiled by Assyria

Lost tribes of Israel

The common Greek language of Hellenism


Meeting place for Jews to study and pray, fostering study of the law


Movement of Greek culture throughout the Mediterranean world after the conquest of Alexander the Great


Jewish feast of dedication celebrating the rededication of the temple


Religion of the chosen people; named after the exile


The central place of sacrifice


God promise of a future redeemer who would restore all that was lost


Someone chosen by God to speak on his behalf


Hebrew word for a Jewish teacher of the Torah


The Hebrew word nabi means

One of ho speaks for another

A prophets basic message is __

To repent and be saved

___ have stories have more length in the book

Major prophets

What two strategies allowed Rome to maintain control of their empire?

Romans didn't declare an official religion
Appointed leaders from within the conquered people

___ prophets before exile occurred

Pre exile

___ spoke during the Babylonian exile (southern tribes) ;the northern kingdom became known as lost tribes of Israel

During exike

___ some after Babylonian exile ; time of consolidation reflection, and recommitment to God and the covenant

Post exile

___ pre exilic prophet from the northern kingdom whose message was fidelity to god and against idolatry


___ pre exilic prophet from the northern kingdom that sided with the poor and was against paganism


___ pre exilic prophet from the northern kingdom whose message was to repent for idolatry and infidelity to God


___ pre exilic prophet from the northern kingdom whose message was to worship god and care for poor


___ pre exilic prophet from the southern kingdom whose message was that the chosen people must imitate gods holiness


___ during exilic prophet from the southern kingdom whose message was a message of compassion and foretold the truth of gods people

Second Isaiah

___ post exilic prophet from the southern kingdom whose message was a message of repentance and coming of messiah

Third Isaiah

___ pre exilic prophet from the southern kingdom whose message was a message of repentance; and that peoples sins would lead to sorrow


___ pre exilic prophet from the southern kingdom whose message was a warning of coming judgement


___ during exile prophet from the southern kingdom whose message was to place great value on temple l/ follow law of holyness


Adam and Eve had the gift of __ when they were in the garden of eden

Free will

___ name was changed to Israel after he had a life changing eco inter with God


The temple in Jerusalem was built during king ___ reign


The northern kingdom was conquered by ___


Jacob had _________ sons who became the tribes of Israel.


The history of Israelites and gods promise to give us the redeemer of the protovangelium began with____

Abraham and his family

The protoebangelium is found in the book of ___


The leader was responsible for the "slaughtering of innocents" and is known for his architectural efforts (reconstructions of the temple of Jerusalem)

Herod the great

This leader ruled over hauler and Perea and he beheaded John the Baptist

Herod antipos

This leader didn't reign for long and was replaced by governors until Pontus pilate was appointed

Herod archelous

This leader ruled over the northern territories of batanaea, trachontis, and aurantis

Philip the tertrach

___ruled by Solomon's servant jeroboam; known as Israel; had 10 tribes; downfall caused by idolatry

Northern kingdom of Israel

___ ruled by solomons son ; known as Judah; had 2 tribes; became known as jews

Southern kingdom of israel

___ conquered north in 722 BC; deported more than 27,000 Israelites to exile; known as cruel and ruthless warriors

Assyrian empire

___ conquered the southern kingdom for 60yrs ; deported middle and upper class; destroyed temple in 586 BC

Persian empire

___ under Alexander the Great they defeated the Persians in 334 BC; conquered most of the known world

Greek empire (Greece, Egypt, Syria)

after Persian conquered Babylonians they allowed the Israelites back in land Ms called them ___ because of Judah


___ effective rulers ; didn't declare a religion; apportioned leaders of conquered land

Roman Empire

The Israelites wanders the desert for ___ years because they broke___

40; covenant with god

___ first humans created and first to sin; brought curse of original sin

Adam and eve

___ father of Jewish people; was promise that his family would be like the stars in the sky ; moved to promised land of cannan


___ was the son of Abraham and Sarah ; he was promised to his parents by God


__ was the son Isaac ; changed his name to Israel because of an encounter with god ; had 12 sons who formed the 12 tribes of Israel


___ had a dream he would rule over his brother ; brothers got jealous and sold him into slavery ; he predicted harvest and famine and then was in favor with pharaoh ; forgave his family


God called ___ to bring his peopl to the promised land ; brought the 10 commandments form Mt. Sinai


after Moses dies the Israelites broke covenant with God and wanders for 40years ; then they enters the promised land of canna led by ___


___ United the 12 tribes of Israel ; made Jerusalem the capital of Israel and God made him a promise that the messiah would come from his line

King david

___ was king David's son and 2nd king of Israel ; he built the 1st temple of Jerusalem

King Solomon