Action Stage

the stage of change that involves an overt alteration of behavior, a specific outward attempt to change, observed within the past 6 months.


Adopting and sticking with healthy behaviors, such as regular physical activity or sound nutrition, as part of your lifestyle.


the stage of change in which individuals intend to change within the next six months


the stage of change in which individuals have made attempts to continue the newly adopted behavior, usually for a period exceeding six months

Objective Goals

Attaining a specific standard of proficiency on a task, usually in a specified time

Outcome Goals

focus on a competitive result of an event

Performance Goals

Focus on achieving standards based on ones previous, not on the outcome of others


people in this stage are not even thinking about a new behavior pattern. Unmotivated, resistant and engage in avoidance tactics

Preparation Stage

stage of change in which people are getting ready to make a change within the coming month

Process Goals

focus on the actions an individual must engage in during performance to execute or perform well

Subjective Goals

General statements of intent such as having fun or doing your best


the stage of change where there is no longer an attempt to revert to prior behaviors or habits

Trans theoretical Change

A model for an understanding of lifestyle change