Module 1 Quizzes

Robert frequently disrupts the class by getting up and wandering around the classroom. Miss Hendrix, an experienced and effective teacher, ignores this behavior because ______.

she knows Robert is trying to get attention

Educational psychology can help with all of the following EXCEPT ______.

application of a common sense approach to teaching

Mr. Page wants to find some reputable research on how to motivate his students. Where should he look?

scholarly journals

If a teacher wants to evaluate a research article, she needs to ______,

understand the basic elements of research

A researcher who conducts an ethnographic study is ______.

directly participating in the educational life of a specific group

If a researcher wants to examine the relationship between students' academic performance and amount of time spent playing video games, she would use a ______.

correlational design

Which of these correlation coefficients indicates the strongest relationship between two variables?

a. 0
b. -.77
c. .69
d. .12
A- b. -.77
Because the absolute value of the number is higher

Mrs. May wants to study the effects of parental income on literacy so she divides her class into two groups: children with wealthy parents and children with poorer parents. She gives each group an identical test of reading comprehension. What kind of rese


Why is it that a quasi-experimental design cannot provide evidence of a direct link between an independent variable and a dependent variable?

The outcome may depend on further variables beyond the researcher's control.

Two university students, Carlos and Jaco, have both heard about a study on the efficacy of online learning. As a single parent, Carlos is excited about the prospect of studying from home, whereas Jaco has no constraints on where and when he attends class.

Carlos is more likely to participate in the study

Which measures are most dependent on the researchers' and participants' proficiency in the same language?

interviews and surveys

Best practices are ______.

fluid, and change as educational research progresses

The difference between academic standards and scientific evidence is that ______.

standards describe what students should learn, whereas evidence informs instructional methods

The four diversity characteristics include ______.

socioeconomic status and race/ethnicity

Atiya's parents are Muslim and her grandparents emigrated from India. She lives in a small town in the Midwest. Atiya is considered to be a member of a minority group because ______.

there are very few families of Asian origin in her community WRONG ANSWER

George was born to Chinese parents but he was raised by a White couple in Boston. How can we classify George's race and ethnicity?

His race is Asian and his ethnicity is American.

Why is disability considered to be a diversity characteristic?

because a student with a disability will have different learning needs to a student without a disability

For White children in the United States, which of the following statements is likely to be true?

They will hold prejudiced feelings against Black people by the age of 5.

If someone tries to support their beliefs by searching for evidence that supports their beliefs, but fails to search for evidence that might contradict their beliefs, they are engaged in ______.

confirmation bias

Belief perseverance is best described as ______.

continuing to hold a belief in the face of evidence to the contrary

Teachers who base their practice on scientific evidence are likely to experience more disruptive behaviors than teachers who use common sense.


A population is all of the people who would be relevant as participants for a study, whereas a sample is a representative subset of the population.


Best practices for education are a list of strategies that teachers should use for instruction and assessment.


Ethnicity and race are interchangeable terms because they refer to the same underlying concept of biological differences between groups.


Although Dr. Paterson has a Ph.D. in physics, his socioeconomic status (SES) is low because he is currently teaching part time and therefore has a small income.