PC 2021

Davis Leeth

Birmingham, AL
Computer Science
Mom: Tracy Leeth
Dad: Alan Leeth
Sister: Kate

Andrew Smith

Birmingham, AL
Mechanical Engineering
Mom : Cynthia Smith
Dad : Michael Smith
Brother : Ryan Smith

Nick Iannone

Savannah, Ga
Mom: Robyn Iannone
Dad: Jeff Iannone
Sister: Maggie
Brother: Tony (Sigma Chi)
Brother: Charlie

Jack Hardy

Macon, Ga
Industrial Design
Mom: Elizabeth Hardy
Dad: Wade Hardy
Sister: Amelia

Hayden Mattson

Marietta GA
Computer Science
Mom: Julie Hough
Dad: Jon Mattson
Sister: Taylor Mattson

Richard Moses

Birmingham, AL
Dad: Mitchell Moses
Mom: Kim Moses
Brother: Andrew
Brother: Seth
Sister: Shari

Quinn Stromberg

Ashburn, VA
Dad: Paul Stromberg
Mom: Anne Pennington
Brother: Jackson Stromberg

Nik Geiger

Marietta, GA
Exercise Science
Mom- Denise Geiger
Dad- Keith Geiger
Brother- Zakary Geiger
I like to lift and ball

Canon Tidwell

Madison, AL
Exercise Science
Mom- Stacy Tidwell
Dad- Brad Tidwell
Sister- Natalie Tidwell

Cooper Blevins

Birmingham, AL
Biomedical Sciences/ Pre-Med
Mom- Ashley Blevins
Dad- David Blevins
Brothers- Crawford and Chapman
Sister- Collier

David Allen

Canton, MA
Dad: Craig Allen
Mom: Nicole Allen
Brother: Nick Allen

The Jordan Standard

Jordan Standard
The standard with which the Fraternity started was declared by Isaac M. Jordan to be that of admitting no man to membership in Sigma Chi who is not believed to be:
A Man of Good Character...
A Student of Fair Ability...
With Ambitious Purp