FE Exam 2

Knowledge of nature

sets a beneifical, positive feedback loop (care for earth, earth health, human health)
the opposite is nature deficit disorder

Nature deficit disorder

The "human costs of alienation from nature," including attention difficulties, diminished use of modalities, and higher rates of physical and emotional illnesses

What is an ecosystem?

An area of nature that includes living organisms and nonliving substances that interact, react, and produce an exchange of materials between its living and nonliving parts

What are some examples of ecosystems?

a the ecosystem in a teaspoon of pond water or the ecosystem of the entire Earth

What are the parts of ecosystems, in general?

Abiotic- fire, gases, lightning, minerals, rocks, water
biotic- organisms and their reactions and interactions
abiotc-biotic: biogeochemical cycles, energy pryamids

What are some of the characteristics of the Glover Archbold Park Ecosystem?


Can a planet which is not Earth, a solar system which
is not our Solar System, a galaxy which is not our
Galaxy (= the Milkyway Galaxy), a universe which is
not our Universe, be an ecosystem?

yes if it has life

What is a food chain?

A sequence of organisms and
their foods, for example, a scavenger eaten by a
predator that is eaten by another predator.

What is a food web?

Two, or more,
interrelated food chains of an ecosystem.


make their own food (producers, plants, cyanobacteria)


eat other beings
primary consumers - eat producers
secondary- eat primary

how much energy is lost in each food link?


What are some
ecosystem outputs?

gases, water, seeds

What are some
ecosystem inputs?

gases, organisisms, precipitation