MGT 475 Ch 2 Robbins

leadership development is enhanced when experience involves the three processes of:

Action, observation, and reflection

which statement about perceptual sets is most likely false?

Perceptual sets are the tendency to perceive everything.

In perception, which term refers to the process of assigning underlying causes to behaviors?


Crediting your own successes to dispositional factors and others' successes to factors in the environment are aspects of:

Fundamental attribution error

People who are observing an action are much more likely than the actor to make the fundamental attribution error. This is called:

Actor/observer difference

Which statement about the reflection component of the A-O-R model is most likely false?

The importance of refection in leadership development is rarely addressed by scholars

A situation in which ones expectations or predictions help determine the very predicted is referred to as:

self-fulfilling prophecy

Which term refers to a kind of learning between the individual and the environment in which learners seek relatively little feedback that may significantly confront their fundamental ideas or actions?

Single loop learning

Which of the following involves confronting your beliefs,inviting others to challenge you, and working on personal blind spots?

Double loop learning

what is a frequent lesson learned by both men and women from their career experiences?

handling political situations

leadership studies programs at the university level:

are increasingly popular at many liberal arts institutions

_______ describe leadership situations and are used as as vehicles for leadership discussions

Case studies

What is most likely an advantage of role playing in leadership development programs?

provides greater transferability to the workplace

leadership training programs for mid-level managers are least likely to focus on improving ______ skills

strategic planning

which of the following involves participants being given a limited amount of time to prioritize and respond to a number of notes, phone messages and letters

In-baskets exercises

in leaderless group discussions, facilitators and observers rate participants and provide feedback about ______ skills


Which statement about action learning is most likely false?

Action learning involves attending classes, watching video tapes, and working in team to create development plans for the firm

In the informal coaching process, a leader is most likely to help a follower to grow skills by:

creating a coaching plan

in the informal coaching process, a leader is most likely to inspire commitment from a follower by:

reviewing performance appraisals

the process by which an older and more experienced person helps to socialize and encourage younger organizational colleagues is called: