Templeton Twins

Resume (verb)

To return to or begin again after interruption

Tedious (adj.)

tiresome because of length or dullness; boring

Vexed (adj.)

Feeling or showing irritation

Refined (adj.)

To improve or perfect

Contemplate (verb)

To view or consider with continued attention, to think about.

Compelled (verb)

To force to cause something to occur by overwhelming pressure.

Irrelevant (adj.)

Not relevant, does not relate to the matter at hand.

Hastily (adjverb)

To move or act swiftly

Dreadful (adj.)

Extremely bad, distasteful, unpleasant, or shocking.

Function (noun)

The action for which a person or thing is specifically fitted or used or for which a thing exists.

Taut (verb)

Having no give or slack; tightly drawn

Descending (adj.)

To pass from a higher place or level to a lower one.