Business Law test 2

The Lanham Act grants protection for:


Trademarks or service marks may be registered if they utilize terms that are:

all of the above.

It is important to protect trade dress against adoption by a competitor because such adoption can:

all of the above.

In order to obtain a court order enjoining a competitor from using your trademark, it is necessary to show that:

the competitor's use of the mark is in danger of confusing the public.

A copyright bestows upon the creator of an artistic or literary work a federal statutory right to exclusively:

all of the above.

Which of the following is not the exclusive right of the holder of a copyright?

to obtain a court order enjoining use of the original work by another

In addition to U.S. copyright law, the rights of copyright holders are also protected under:

all of the above.

In determining whether limited use of copyrighted material may be permitted as "fair use," courts will consider:

the specificity of the copyright notice contained in the work, if any.

Three types of patents available under U.S. law are:

design, plant, utility.

The type of patent that may be granted to developers or improvers of process or machine inventions is a(n):

process patent.

The type of patent that may be granted to developers of plant reproduction methods is a:

plant patent.

The type of patent that may be granted to developers of new and nonobvious ornamental features of manufactured articles is a(n):

design patent.

A business formula, information compilation, or device that provides an advantage over competitors that do not have it is known as a:

trade secret.

Where privacy or nondisclosure of proprietary information is desired, it would be best to seek protection under:

state trade secret laws.

In order to protect themselves from disclosure of proprietary or confidential information, businesses may:

all of the above.

Under the Computer Software Copyright Act of 1980, a written program:

is protected as any other copyrighted material even if it is in written form.

To analyze a copyright infringement claim in the context of computer programs, courts will primarily examine:

the number of significant program steps that are substantially similar.

Computer programs are subject to protection in the U.S. under:

all of the above.

Owners of mask works are entitled to the exclusive right to reproduce and distribute their products under U.S. law for a period of:

10 years.

Failure to file an application for a certificate of registration for a mask work within two years of the work's first commercial use will result in:

the loss of all rights available under the Semiconductor Chip Protection Act.

The plaintiff in a quasi-contractual action can recover:

the reasonable value of the benefit conferred upon the defendant.

A contract that has been set aside is said to have been:


An obligation to pay the reasonable value of services rendered when there is no contract would be called:


The main thrust of the quasi contract is to:

prevent unjust enrichment.

In a bilateral contract, each party will be a promisor and, therefore, each party will be:

an obligor.

An offer of a reward for the arrest and conviction of a criminal is an example of:

a unilateral contract.

A bilateral contract consists of a:

promise for a promise

A contract under which one or both parties have not yet fully performed is termed a(n):

executory contract

An executory contract is:

entered into but not fully performed

A legally binding agreement that can be rejected at the option of one of the parties is called a(n):

voidable contract.

An implied contract is shown by:

acts of the parties

Negotiable instruments are:

formal contracts.

Statements in an employee handbook:

may be interpreted as being part of the employment contract.

When an envelope contains both a written contract and another paper, such other paper:

has whatever effect the written contract says it has.

The elements of a contract include all of the following except:

an illegal purpose.

The subject matter of a contract may relate to:

all of the above.

The promisor in a contract agreement also may be called the:


A party to a contract may be:

all of the above.

To have a contract you must have:

both an offer and an acceptance.

A contract is:

all of the above.