3 Parts of Agriculture Education

1) Class/Lab-Doing hands on work in class
2) FFA- Once enrolled in agriculture class, you can join FFA; Travel, learn about careers, and have fun
3) SAE- Supervised Agriculture Experience; Earn cash and gain experience in areas you enjoy

Premier Leadship

Leadership is influence- the ability to obtain followers

Personal Growth

The positive evolution of the whole person

Career Success

Continuasly demonstrating those qualities, attributes, and skills neccesary to succeed in, or prepare for, a chosen proffession


Cross section of the corn


Rising sun


Labor and tillage of the soil





Corn gold and national blue

FFA Colors

Learning to do, doing to learn, earning to live, living to serve

FFA Motto

Pledge of Alegiance

FFA Salute

I believe

What does each paragraph of the FFA Creed stand for?

Carlton Patton

First national Star Farmer of America

Charles Homer Lane

First naional FFA Advisor

E.M. Tiffany

Who wrote the FFA creed?

Harvey Owen Sargent

What New Farmers of America has an FFA award named after him?

Gus Linter

Who designed the FFA jacket?

Henery Grosclose

Who is commonly known by "the father of the FFA"?

Ken Dugan

Who was the first National Star in Agribuissiness?

Leslie Applegate

Who was the first National FFA President?

Smith-Hughes Act of 1917

What was the National Vocational Education Act called?


City that currently houses the buisness operations of the National FFA Organization?

New Farmers of America

Brother organization to FFA, started in 1935

Charles Homer Lane

Served as national FFA advisor from 1928-1934

Seeds of Home

Disaster relief campaign to help with damages of hurricane Katrina

National Future Farmer

Name of the first magazine created for FFA members in 1952

Corduroy Jacket

Established as offcal dress in 1933


Support organization for FFA in 1971


State that brought the first state band to the national convention

Baltimore Hotel

Hotel where the first National Convention was held

Kansas City

Site of the first 71 national FFA conventions


Issued in 1953 to celebrate the 25th anniversary of FFA


FFA was founded in Kansas City, Missouri, in what year?


What year was the National FFA Foundation created?

New Farmers of America

What was the name of the organization for African American agriculture students that merged with the FFA in 1965?


What year were girls admitted as FFA members?

1996, Louisville Kentucky

What year was the national ffa convention held outside of Kansas city for the first time, and wher was it held?

Alexandria, Va.

Where is the Agriculture Education National Headquarters located?


What year was the National FFA Center and the Agriculture Education National Headquarters moved to different locations?