A&P Lab-Skull

sagittal suture

down middle of head front to back between parietal bones

nasal bone

bridge of nose

supraorbital notch (foramen)

notch in top of eye orbital

superior orbital fissure

inferior orbital fissure

middle nasal concha of ethmoid bone

inferior nasal concha

vomer (lower nasal septum)

little bitty bone in lower septum of nose; below perpendicular plate of ethmoid bone

parietal bone

sides/top of head

frontal bone


sphenoid (greater wing)

behind eye socket; on side-in front of parietal

temporal bones

above ears

ethmoid bone

inside eye socket behind lacrimal bone

lacrimal bone

inside eye socket closest to nose

zygomatic bone

cheek bones

infraorbital foramen

hole in maxilla bone; below eye orbital

maxilla bone

upper jaw; under nose



mental foramen

holes in mandible/jaw

optic canal

circle in sphenoid bone where eye connects to brain

perpendicular plate of ethmoid bone (upper nasal septum)

longer bone; perpendicular under nasal bone

sphenoid bone

alveolar margins

teeth sockets

body of mandible

angle of mandible

mandibular ramus

coronoid process of mandible

mandibular notch

mandibular condyle or condylar process

under temporal bone

mandibular fossa

notch where condyler process fits

mastoid process

sticks down off temporal bone below ear

styloid process

sticks down below ear canal (little thin piece)

external auditory meatus

ear canal

occipital bone

lambdoidal suture

between parietal & occipital (horizontal)

sqaumos suture

between parietal & temporal (above ear)

temporal bone

above ear

coronal suture

between frontal & parietal (horizontal)

occipitomastoid suture

lines bottom of temporal bone almost to jaw

Wormian (sutural) bones

sphenoid bone (inferior view)

foramen lacerum

in suture at junction of sphenoid, temporal, and occipital bones

carotid canal

in petrous portion of temporal bone

jugular foramen

in suture between temporal and occipital

stylomastoid foramen

in temporal bone between styloid and mastoid processes

styloid process (inferior view)

mastoid process (inferior view)

occipital condyle

foramen magnum

big hole where spinal cord goes through

basioccipital (region of occipital bone)

between foramen magnum and hard palate

temporal bone (need to know from inferior view)

petrous part of temporal bone

mandibular fossa (inferior view)


zygomatic process of temporal bone

hard palate (consisting of palatine bone, horizontal plate, maxilla bone, palatine process)

purple-maxilla (palatine process)
tan- palatine bone (horizontal plate)

frontal sinus


ethmoid sinus

sphenoid sinus

maxillary sinus


sella turcica of sphenoid bone

nasal septum

3 auditory ossicles

embedded in middle ear in the temporal bone

palatine bone

horizontal plate of hard palate

ethmoid bone (superior view)

anterior cranial fossa (superior view)

sphenoid bone (superior view)

sphenoid greater wing (superior view)

sphenoid lesser wing (superior view)

optic canal on sphenoid bone (superior view)

hypophyseal fossa

internal acoustic (auditory) meatus

middle cranial fossa

posterior cranial fossa

crista galli

cribriform plate

plate that crista galli sits on

olfactory foramen (cribiform foramen)

ethmoid sinus in skull

middle nasal concha